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    Getting out with my dogs as often as i can . Ferreting .Lamping .Fly fishing Stick making
  1. Little beauty.hope he works out for you.Best of luck with your new pup
  2. Get yourself a little jack russell perfect for bushing one man one dog Make sure though it's from hunting stock They are easy keep ,have the heart of a lion ,and will hunt anything ,rabbit rat .cracking little watch dog .then will sit by the fire nice and quiet until its time for its next outing
  3. It's going on all over the place scumbag dog thieves friend of mine had his Dachshund bitch and full litter of pups stolen picture of them still up on done deal in the dogs for sale section .Hope you get your dog back mate
  4. Yeah for sale on done deal pictures of pups and mother still up on done deal
  5. Good stuff should be well fired up for next season
  6. No holding her now first of many .......Best of luck with her mate
  7. Bitch and pups stolen from a friend of mine from Rathdowney county laois Has the add still up on done deal any help well appreciated
  8. Great story .....cracken little dog .Happy hunting
  9. Enjoyed that ...'...........good wide open fields ,cracken little dogs ,Well done
  10. Best of luck with your Big Red Lakeland
  11. Before you go off spending money on a shock collar.........try putting a radio in the kennel ,,leave it on .You might think its a stupid idea just try it .Don't go asking me what station ha ha ,just some music .Had a pup one time same as yours never stopped barking and whineing Radio worked a treat
  12. Best bet is get a trap ,,catch your rat alive..,let the pups have a good look and sniff around it That should drive them on Once they are showing interest ..,..or getting worked up let the rat out
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