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  1. Thank you for your input chaps. I think that any man/women that has coursed both a lot over the years, would know more. It seems as the old saying goes, horses for courses.
  2. Before the dreaded god forsaken ban came into control, i regularly attended the coursing meets both here and ireland. I mainly went to the ones over here in the uk, but enjoyed the ones in ireland and still do to this day over their. I found the brown hare, a lot more faster and stronger, then the irish hare, offering more turns wrenches ect for the dog, thus scoring more points. The system is different in ireland, its the first greyhound to get to the hare that decides the winner. For those of you chaps that use to course hares here and over in ireland, what did you find the stronger? In a in
  3. My cousin that lives in ireland seen the brother to lucas advertised on done deal about a year or so ago chap. Dont know if he was good or bad or their was a good reason for sale, he just mentioned it to me last year when i was looking for a pup.
  4. says a man who is from a race who which ever backwater hell hole in the world you go to you will find a red haired freckle faced scotsman lying in a gutter drunk singing about bonnie scotland if the salukis werent here the British isles would be over poulated by hares , class pal. It takes a saluki that long to catch a hare, the hares practically die of old age fkn so right pal .. cant beat a good old sheep dog when the saluki faze is long gone, old shep will still be getting his leg over greyhounds to right pal the way the peddlers are breeding these salukis .there that inbred the fkrs
  5. Disagree with you on that one sunshine. A lot of twats that act twats on the net, actually seem ok in real life. It can also go the other way someone who comes across nice and friendly, can turn out to be a right c**t when met face to face. It sounds like your on the net too much mate and think people are the same on here as in real life?
  6. Wow that is an eye opener, thank you chaps. I was working on the oil plants out their last year, seen a few running with the locals, they impressed me but were not like lurchers over here. I shall see if i can source a pup from over here a much more easier way i do think.
  7. Hi chaps. Can someone who has done it, please tell me how much it costs to import a good strain of working saluki over here to the uk from dubai? Thanks.
  8. True, it also got banned because of the betting of high suns om money, criminal damage, farmers getting beat up, hares getting dumped ect ect!!! list goes on! I course hares, have done for many years, but i don't go out in gangs, trying to show off, playing the big boy and chucking hares that my dogs have killed into ditches and dykes!!
  9. All coming out the woodwork now i see! How can anyone defend dog fighting, i really don't know! Get real son, dog fighters take dogs like that to use as bait, fact! Last i will say on this, talk it as you see it, from my own experience, that is the reality. Looks like this will turn into yet another digital pile on! Sad!
  10. Sickening!! Pit bull owners, that use their dog for fighting, use these small toy breeds as bait. Their is a few pitbull fighting men on here, if your looking at this, you are one sick individuals!! I know for a fact their is pit bull fighting men on here, common sense, on a site like this! ones that still do it and ones that have done it in the passed. That paki c**t, is one of them!! Dog fighting, is the cause of all this, nothing else!! Sorry, i am sure i have upset a few dog fighting men on here, prehaps not, as they have no souls, no feeling for feck all, just money, same goes to the h
  11. plummer published hunting lads accounts of days out as his own experiences. Sad really, he made a lot of money from lads out doing what he wanted to do but could not achieve. ! Put a lot of lads back up.
  12. Good shot. Their is a few on here that need it.
  13. Agree with everything that has been said about the .22 Hornet. Great caliber, had one years ago shot a lot of foxes with it, good fun.
  14. It could harm you if your dog is in contact with you. If a fox bites anyone, they would be prone to infection, due to them eating as you say carrion.
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