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  1. Not worried about height just thought I'd throw it out there. parents do all I need so no problems there
  2. Not worried about height just thought I'd throw it out there. parents do all I need so no problems there
  3. Parents are 19tts and 26tts so was thinking around 22 but she quite big for 8 weeks
  4. Just had a litter beddy / whippet to a deer / collie / grey kept a bitch back she stands 10 1/2 tts at 8 weeks I think she might make 22 tts what u lads think . Cheers Paul
  5. At 23" u should get to about 24" when fully grown I'd say cpl months still to go I run a beddyxwhippet atm she stands 18 3/4" so 21" to 22" will do me fine I rekon just to get that bit extra
  6. Nice looking pup that mate very similar to mine bit more whippet in mine like so expecting to make around 22" Mark
  7. Cheers chaps she is broken coated only 1 like that in the litter sorry cant get pics up her mother is 23" and the father stands at 21/1/2"
  8. After lose'ing my pup i bred myself a 5 months old in a tragic/freak accident decided on buying 1 in shes a deer/whip x bed/whip/collie/grey is the dam put to a pure whippet any comments on this cross or photos appreciated ! Rip Alfie x
  9. Got a litter here now ready to go only 3 left bred for my own use and a few friends dam is beddyxwhip sire is beddy/whip/grey should make good workers
  10. Aye had nothing but problems with mine sent 1 back they weren't too happy about it got a snooty cow on the line going to sell mine n go back to mk 1
  11. Could of sorted u out mate got a spare working gill here but probs too far for u
  12. Nice dog mate nowt worse than an injury lay up then the worry of a break down the first few outings afterwords hope stays fit for u
  13. Aye go to pennymeadow whippets that's where I got mine from think he's got a litter ready now atb
  14. I've got 1 [BANNED TEXT] decent lamp
  15. Skycat in your opinion would this cross make a good novices dog ? Bearing in mind a lot of beginners would be keen a lot would probably enter it too early and run it on anything and everything across a whole spectrum of land types taking into account the dogs size and stature there's not much scope for error would that be the ideal dog ? For me they need careful entering and someone who knows what there after! appreciate your response Paul
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