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  1. 25 years I smoked, I quit 2 years ago and haven't touched a fag since, tried to give up twice before but failed and vaping is the only thing that's helped me. Started with 18 mg nicotine, now down to 0 mg, I enjoy the different flavor's and my health is fantastic from what it was, always coughing and spluttering and out of breath, now I walk the dog 10 miles a day sometimes more. Two things made me give up, my daughter begging me to and the other was trying to walk across a 200 yard muddy field with my pigeon gear and having to stop 3 or 4 times to catch my breath. I found the 1st
  2. Great video that. What dog do you use for retrieving? if you use one at all, it looks harsh terrain!
  3. I'm in the market for a new winter coat for the up coming cold seasons. I'll be mostly in a hide on the pigeons, walking the dog or rough shooting. I've been looking at the deer hunter Muflon coats, can anyone give me a review on these or any other coats you recommend ? Cheers, Worz
  4. Hi, Got an 11 week old lab pup who loves to chew (obviously) got plenty of chew toys, hide bones, antler etc, however when we are having a bit of play time she just wants to bite my hands and wrists, i'm not bothered by the puncture wounds but need to nip it in the bud sooner rather than later. Worzel
  5. I downloaded a picture of a crow from the net, A3 size, cut it out, transferred it to 12mm plywood or MDF, cut those out using a jigsaw making sure you've allowed for a spike to dig in the ground. Painted them in Matt black and can honestly say they work a treat. I have a couple of plastic one's as well that I stick in the trees or bushes. I've used this method on many occasions and once I've got a small crow I put that on a pigeon flapper and I've had em trying to mate with it. Good luck
  6. The Mrs got me a pair of these for xmas, I've worn them a few times now but find them a very solid and well made boot even though it feels like I have 2 casts on my feet. has anyone else got any experience with these boots and how long to break them in?
  7. My mate just got rid of his 16" and he dropped foxes at 120 yards so Imo, not a lot of difference.
  8. But if they are cooked properly wouldn't you get rid of any infection?
  9. I'm new to shotguns too and had a limited budget so I purchased a Hatsan escort semi. I only do rough shooting and decoying so it suits me fine. If I had the money I would go for a Beretta or similar and you may pick up a second hander for that money if your lucky. Good luck.
  10. I asked the FAO what was the waiting time for a licence and he said "a couple of weeks" but he also said the system has got better over the last couple of weeks so fingers crossed it wont take months.
  11. After 28 years of air rifle shooting I've decided to have a go at shotguns as the 4 permissions I have want the pigeons and corvids taken care of. The FAO has just visited and approved my gun cabinet and said I should get my licence in a few weeks so am now looking for a shotgun, however I'm not that clued up on them. I will be doing decoying from a hide and probably a bit of rough shooting, I have a budget of around £250 so I'm not looking for a Purdy. I'm not bothered about an O/U or side by side or even a 3 shot single barrel but I want a single trigger as I had a go of my mates O/
  12. Gun cabinet required, roughly 1,3 meters high 220mm deep. to fit 3 or more guns in, I'm in Kent but willing to travel around 60 miles. Send me a PM! Thanks, Worzel
  13. Love that gun! I was thinking of trading my 410 for one of those. Is it as light as they say?
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