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  1. Pups are doing great lads they're in excellent hands fairplay
  2. Great dog big reggie puts alot away
  3. Lads there's no point bitching who's dog better than who's get out with your own dogs and enjoy the sport
  4. Great dogs to watch running some ammo there tommy il put a couple of my two up
  5. That bitch defo not for sale fella wouldn't take diamonds for her you been wrongfully informed
  6. Having a great season wedgey what about yourself?
  7. Very good litter she from I just emptied my piggy bank and got her litter bro
  8. No Jimmy they're very alike though the bitch is barney x honey dog is paddys good brindle bitch to a dog outta Isaac x Peggy I think stevie put me right
  9. Here's stevies two brindles very well bred
  10. Thanks tiger some great runs today hares are starting to shift
  11. Few more pics from today
  12. myself tommy c templeking and paddys h had a great day on some top permission had lots of great runs hares hv really stepped up a gear ended up with 5 what a day
  13. There's defo no holes in that big dog seen him run last few seasons he'll kill them anywhere he has speed wind and a good mouth?
  14. Great post jigsaw great pics mate
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