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  1. dale7746

    Best Rat Bait!

    Chocolate spread and cooking oil mixed it works good for me
  2. dale7746

    Puppy Jabs

    Thanks all
  3. dale7746

    Hello From Durham

    Welcome mate live hetton
  4. dale7746

    Puppy Jabs

    Tb5 vets no thanks
  5. What is the best puppy jabs to buy
  6. dale7746

    North East

    I'm from Hetton
  7. dale7746

    New Addition...

    Nice pup
  8. dale7746


    Hi mate
  9. dale7746

    Mk1 Ferret Finder Boxes For Sale

    Do u still have it
  10. dale7746

    Leg Support

    [BANNED TEXT] about a 22