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    Converted Vitara

    Hi. Is the truck still for sale? Do you have anymore pictures. Thanks
  4. 1StunnedRabbit

    Couple Of Questions Regarding The Sgc.

    That brilliant buddy thanks for the fast answer
  5. Hi, hopefully i will soon be appling for my SGC and have a couple of questions which i have tried to find the answer for but to no avail. 1. Do i need to apply for a certain gauge of gun/ammo like a FAC or if i get my SGC can i buy whichever i see fit for the purpose? 2. If i buy a gun that is semi auto or pump action is there a limit to how many shells i can hold in that gun i.e. If the gun can hold 6 shells can i legally load 6 in to it? Thanks for any help
  6. 1StunnedRabbit

    carrying a air rifle

    I'm kind of worried now as knowing my luck I will get a grumpy officer and will get arrested for it. I have tried to look at how to contact the local gun officer? On the Hampshire police website but it only seems to have a email address to contact them for applying for a gun licence and nothing else. Thanks again for everyone's help
  7. 1StunnedRabbit

    carrying a air rifle

    It's havant rifle and pistol club sjt657
  8. 1StunnedRabbit

    carrying a air rifle

    Thanks for all the replies. I'm 22 and only have a bike licence so car isn't really a option. The walk is through my small housing estate and then through some public woods which I was also worried about getting accused of poaching with firearm. The gun is a standard smk xs78 .22
  9. 1StunnedRabbit

    carrying a air rifle

    Hi guys, I am looking to join a gun range that is less then a 10 minute walk from my house and was wondering what is the law on carrying a gun that short distance. Obviously it will be in a gun bag. Thanks for your help
  10. 1StunnedRabbit

    new member from Portsmouth

    Yeah I'm alright my new seals came today for my xs 78 so that will be getting stripped down tomorrow
  11. 1StunnedRabbit

    new member from Portsmouth

    Hello everyone. My brother and his friend got me into hunting a few weeks back when they took me out ferreting and told me to sign up to here as they are both members