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  1. I tried to PM you but this is what I found: The member Flacko cannot receive any new messages I do have some folding .410 shotguns for sale. ShooterXD
  2. Excellent or even better and exactly as advertised. Very pleased with it. XD.
  3. Hi, Interested and live near Leominster, where are you please? XD.
  4. Why would you want one when most dealers do not have any .17HMR ammo in stock at the moment? XD
  5. Baikal shotguns are very well made and will stand the test of time. I was interested to read the following: Nice strong workhorse of a gun, some nice basic game scene details, wood is not at all bad looking either. I'd keep it for a back up but I need the cabinet space! Barrels measure 25&5/8" Choke is I think 1/2 and full, if I remember correctly although I don't have a choke gauge to confirm. Baikal over and under barrels of that length are likely to be Skeet choked with true cylinder in the bottom barrel and bell muzzle in the top barrel. Baikal bore diameters are normally 0.719" which is 0.010" tighter than most 12G bores, this makes people think a cylinder bore is in fact quarter choke when using a drop in choke gauge. Bell muzzle on a Baikal is normally 0.729" at the muzzle which can make people think it is cylinder which it would be with a 0.729" bore diameter. If you only have and use a drop in choke gauge you may think this is a load of rubbish but it is not. If choke is important to you ask a gunsmith to measure the chokes with a bore gauge which compares the bore diameter to the choke diameter for you then you will be certain. I have used a Baikal over and under for many years with a set of barrels just like these and find they will stop any target (live or clay) as long as I point them in the right direction. Good luck with the sale of what looks to be a very nice shotgun. Regards, XD.
  6. Picked up from where? Your location might help it to sell. XD.
  7. Sorry, I should not be unkind but temptation sometimes gets the better of me. I am guessing that the young man is looking for a moderator with a half inch thread. If that is the case we will need to know is it half inch UNF or half inch UNEF. Half inch UNF female thread is the more popular. We will also need to know what it is to be used on? If on an air rifle there is no need for a certificate and it can be posted or sent by courier. If for a rifle it will need to be on a Firearms Certificate and can only be sent to a Registered Firearms Dealer for transfer not direct to the FAC holder. Something like a new SAK moderator can be used on air rifles or on .22 and/or .17HMR rimfire rifles and cost about £40 new. These can be sent direct if for use on air rifles only. I hope this helps. XD.
  8. Do you want the front half or the back half?
  9. Bought from Shropshire Dan, as described and a good chap to deal with. XD.
  10. Whereabouts in Shropshire are you please? XD.
  11. I had a look at the 12G side by side sidelock, a very nice gun in very good to excellent condition and very good value for money but I am not into side by sides. I also had a look at the double barrel .410, a lovely little gun ideal for a youngster or a great little vermin gun which can be easily carried when feeding, ferreting or trapping. Gary is a good chap to deal with and is happy to boil the kettle. XD.
  12. You could always buy the Hushpower and ask the seller to hold it for you until your SGC comes through. At the moment you are able to buy but NOT to take possession of the shotgun. XD.
  13. www.shotgunchokes.co.uk Excellent quality. XD.
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