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  1. Can you pay on the gate or is it pre ordered tickets only?
  2. Heart breaking but what a good quality life that bitch had, I lost one of mine to exactly the same condition last year, hard decision to make but she also gave me that look and I knew what she wanted. R.i.p
  3. My old bitch became protective of my missus when she became pregnant, previous to that she wasn't bothered by anything ,then ,she would bark at any bloke and become aggrieve towards other dogs, with me she was absolutely fine . She certainly was a strange animal !!!!!
  4. If you p.m your details , I've a SS collar (can get a picture to you if you want) hanging spare here you can have, craftsmanship of it is spot on but it's slightly to big for my dog.
  5. Could well be an older bird, will the egg still be edible or should I get rid to be safe?? Fairly new to the chickens as my son got them for his 7th birthday !!!
  6. Can anyone explain or tell me what this is that appeared on a hens egg today?? Never seen it before??
  7. Just hit the big . . . . . 2
  8. If the pic appears then this is what I have at the minute, see how it goes but thinking already that plastic don't feel great so will look out for a good wooden one and compare the two.
  9. Small bear they have there !!!!!
  10. Cheers for all the info, can you cut round tubes down to alter the amount of pull back or it is best to buy different lengths? If I work out how to attach pics I'll try and post what I got!
  11. What's a good catty for a beginner and probably only going to be used for general plinking. Cheers
  12. I agree with what's being said, the story is I work for a national pest company and I've been using air rifle as part of my job for 10 years and not once been asked for a cert on this, however, without going into much detail about a client that has just been signed up, we are to undertake bird shoots and I think due to the nature of secure sites/work that is carried out by them then this is why we are being asked.
  13. Is there a recognisable certificated course for the Safe use of air weapons/air rifle. Looking to attend one as I may have some jobs coming up that require a cert.
  14. I believe its 21 per year for pest control
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