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  1. ben west yorks

    What Boots?

    i have lowa combat gtx great boots,
  2. ben west yorks

    Blackstaff,rascal,pups,antis And The Bramble Bush!

    well done lads,had the same thing with an anti today,dogs look brilliant. atb
  3. ben west yorks

    Small Non-Locking Folding Knife

    victorinox farmer great knife takes a good edge, and the saw is a handy aswell
  4. ben west yorks

    weekend out with the lads

    Well done lads top class
  5. ben west yorks

    few pics from today

    Well done lads, good pics
  6. ben west yorks

    new member saying hi.

    welcome mate
  7. ben west yorks


    Well done lads great bag good pics
  8. ben west yorks

    18 on sunday

    No mate he's lets my mate on and that's it.but he have been going quite a long time I think.
  9. ben west yorks

    trip out to new permission

    Well done and good pics
  10. ben west yorks

    18 on sunday

    hello all,decided to go out Sunday morning with a couple of friends to some permission,so off we went with two terriers 6 ferrets 2 spades a quick set longnet and my purse nets, arriving on the land didnt see that much on the top which was quite unusual as last season season it was very productive, approached the first set which normally held about 6 rabbits usually last season, positive mark from the dog banged ferrets in and nothing for ten minutes, out with the mark 3, 4foot mark broke through about 3 foot to 1 very dead rabbit,did 2 more sets both holding 1 a piece, with not much happening on that land we decided to move to some more land with just 3 rabbits. after a 10 minute drive we got on the other land and a quick talk with the farmer we started the first 6 hole set with a good mark from both dogs out came 2 rabbits took the tally to 5, then started to do some small warrens with a combo of long net and purse nets producing better numbers,next set we had a good 4.5 foot dig through some big tree roots .then a 2 hole run through marking by the dogs added a another in about 20 seconds. then after a quick sandwich it seemed to be alot of digging the next few sets,any way ended the day with 18 not the best bag but we run out of daylight and we spent most of the morning on the other permission that didnt produce, and a 2 hard digs on the other land with tree roots which took up the time ,all in all a great day with some good banter.a few pictures from the last set and the only easy dig we had sorry didnt take any more photos but battery was flat. crap end of day pic aswell but it was coming dark by the time we had walked to car.cheers lads atb
  11. ben west yorks

    Couple of trips out

    fantastic pics,dog look great, that picture with the ferret is a great pic well done
  12. ben west yorks

    Slough hook/sithe or whatever they are called

    i use this for clearing very handy tool
  13. ben west yorks

    Purse net dimensions

    8 to the ring then another 8 add one each row till 17 4 lots of 17 in middle back down to 8 another 8 onto the ring in 2and1/8 just over 4 ft is what i make most mine at, make a few different sizes see what you prefer,as said above agouti nets supplies is good.let us know how you get on mate atb
  14. ben west yorks

    Trying some bigger buries today

    Good stuff mate great write up and pic aswell