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  1. As new cz 17hmr with wildcat mod trigger tuned sweet 17 scope Swiss arms bipod strap and case the model of gun is a cz 455 thumb hole varmint heavy barrel gun as shot around 200 rounds not even shot in yet I have not shot this gun for a long time as I have no use for it anymore I will consider a swap for a Suzuki vitara or jimny or cash offers not silly ones tho.
  2. the dog has been out and about in the day but we have a small pack of hounds and she has been pretty much left to her own thing so I am trying to show her the right way of doing things she had a bunny the other day and she done well to catch it. Just trying to get her a few on the lamp before she moves onto what she was bread for. She will come right soon enough. Sire and dam are both real good dogs and grandmother was summat else.
  3. I agree totally I normally let the young dog watch a few runs and then give them an easy slip. But I had the option of some nice easy slips tonight but it just was not to be the old chap was fired right up and wanted to be away thinking its just another night out and when he was away he just stopped dead lol he was not amused at all.
  4. It was not happening as I planned. The young dog was just watching the older dog bouncing off the lead rather than my arm aching any more than needed I went home. The young dog was never going to learn anything so I will take her on her own or someone else can run the older dog for me.
  5. Time as come to start my young bitch off. The pup was given to a friend of mine he has kept her til now I have always been around the bitch she has turned out to be a fine looking dog now it's time to see if she has what it takes. Took her out tonight on the lamp with her father on my own turned out to be a nightmare lesson learned me and her from now on I am walking up to rabbits so she can spot them and the older dog who knows his trade is bouncing trying to take my arm off thinking why the hell are you still holding this lead lol. Needless to say I turned around and come home. After the old man had a bunny.
  6. I have a couple of borders as long as the bitch was to a decent standard to ground I would be happy to let anyone use them for stuf free of charge don't want nothing back. But would like to think if I am stuck for a pup in the future they could help me out. Think this is how it should be worked. Same with pups fair prices only money to change hands is what it cost to rear the pups. And my litters have always worked this way I have just gifted 2 bitch pups to mates who was stuck for youngsters to bring on that's how it works with me.
  7. Alright chaps 2 quick questions. Can you still get the cases for old type bellman collars and does the new bellman collar work with the old pieps box. Thanks. BB
  8. This is the only way the working border is going to get back to how it used to be where the pups are sold for a fair price and not cos they are being sold elsewhere for stupid money. That way they get into the hands of good terrier men and women who will give them good work and they can become a handy dog to have again. And not over priced shit that's flooding the world.
  9. If they want to use it I think they will get back in there they are clearly using for a reason so your better off putting it back right and just keep an eye on it just my view on it not that it matters mate do what you feel is right it's your permission.
  10. That's a nice looking border. Don't look overly big. How is she bred ?
  11. I have been pretty lucky. I have 2 young dogs here from working stock and I have just been gifted 3 pups from the same place I paid for my last pair. So I am going to be fully bordered up I kept the dog pup and gifted the 2 bitches to close mates. There is still some good border lads out there not all chasing the pound signs.
  12. I have no problem on walking a few miles to a little remote spot and finding out that its been dug and they have put it back right. I just get my arse in my hand when I walk miles to a spot that's been dug and left with a great big hole in the middle and Charlie chucked on the bank outside. They had plenty of time as no one walks it unless your there for the earth I live in South Wales and this place is slap bang in the middle of a pine Forrest miles from anything at all. Never mind rant over its back right now just wait and see what happens next love to find out who it is just to put my mind at rest it's pretty clear I will know them as there ain't many lads who know the spot and keep terriers for the Jon around by me.
  13. I was out last Sunday it was a miserable day thought I would go check some local places ones we have had stuff in time and time again over the years never bothered with it last year as we had a couple from close by. Me and a mate had decided to check this one place as its been a bit hard last couple of weeks not really had it cold enough to push them in yet. Got to this place and nearly fell over in shock. It was dug there was a 4ft hole with a poxy couple of branches over the top of it hiding what can only be described as a crator slap bang in the middle of the set. Took me and a mate all of about 20-30 mins to put it back as best we could. So fingers crossed next couple of months it may hold again only time will tell. But this seems to be coming up more often there has been a few around by us that's been fecked completely all good places that lots of us have used over the years.
  14. I appreciate that it would be worth a bit of a travel but nearly 400 mile round trip is not for me lol. I have had a look about and there is a few for a little less money. I have shotguns and a hmr a air gun is only to do a bit of plinking and if I needed it as my only gun I would prob travel I am just fancying one for a mess about with the tree rats around by me I am sure ppl would have a little moan if I started blasting them out of the tree with the 12 lol
  15. Thanks mate. I have been chatting to the guy but he is a fair way from me. Or it be perfect.
  16. Looking for a super ten don't want to really travel a stupid distance I am in South Wales cash here waiting full set up preferred with bottle and scope ect.
  17. 2006 ford ranger thunder new engine gear box all done under warranty with full documentation currently done 67 k supplied and fitted at lotus. Long mot with truck man back on couloir coded nice chunky tires all round chrome a bar on front chrome bumper on back with chrome side steps. New battery fitted last week. The truck is faultless 4600 ovno. Pm for anything I have missed genuine buyers please no time wasters. Thanks.
  18. Wanted a terrier locator and box.
  19. Sadly it's the collar with 2 batteries. Any other suggestions. Because that was a cracking bit of advice.
  20. I showed him these but apparently the ferret finder is smaller than the terrier one. Is that right ?
  21. A mate of mine is looking for a mk1 deben battery cap for a 15ft terrier collar anyone know where he can get one or does anyone have one for sale. Thanks.
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