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  1. Long legged jack Russell pup wanted View Advert As above or a lakey,it’s for a none working home,pm please. Advertiser blackworm Date 26/12/19 Price £100.00 Category Working Terriers  

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    As above or a lakey,it’s for a none working home,pm please.


    - GB

  3. Thanks Neil,I didn’t know it was worth so much,just had a pm saying I could get £250 for it,he didn’t offer me that,Just said it could be,could it??
  4. Guys,I’ve got this plate,and just wondering what it’s worth,I know what someone is willing to pay,but just a rough price or if anyone has sold one recently? cheers.
  5. Gte I will send you a pm when I get home. Turn your pm's on or send me one
  6. I use my hand but have just bought a Scott Mcenzie one,it sounds just like one i had 20 years ago that i lost,should work for pulling them in a long way.....price £33.00
  7. Why dont you just buy a folding 410,cheep as chips and easily consealed in a bag.
  8. What jack said,amber,same colour as the street lights..............................makes sense realy
  9. Bob's yor Mother's Mother.....................................feck me thats a corker
  10. If it fecks about again it will be ebay bound,lol
  11. This is the one we where useing mate.
  12. Yep, then we would have some tales to listen to eh mate... He should write a book,would be very entertaining I bet he would know more about jp's dogs than jp,lol
  13. I dont rate them after last week,we were down 12ft in sand,the reciever when on the top was reading between 4.2m and 5.7m,the dog never moved!When the reciever was at the bottom it read 3m one way and 4.7m the other way,the dog was 2ft away,work that out.
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