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  1. https://youtu.be/POsr4AI3M2o
  2. Glad you enjoy the sport firstly make sure bird is well manned use to you and surroundings feeding off the glove. Put harris hawk on the creance show bird food from a couple feet if not interested reduce weight in very small reductions until it comes to you then increase the distance once coming instantly this is usually around flying weight it will go up slightly as bird gets fitter hope this helps cheers
  3. Looks great mate but be scared to get it scratched
  4. I would say goshawk aswell
  5. Theyre good motors mate i use to have a wrx sti wagon like a drink tho
  6. Looks a nice bird mate
  7. Thanks mate a wee project while the hawks molt
  8. Lets see [BANNED TEXT] hunting vehicles this is my jimny just getting kitted out for next seasons hawking and abit lamping through the summer pleased with it soo far bought it standard added modular wheels and a set of all terrain tyres ,window tints, on order is a lightforce lamp 2inch lift kit and strip back seats out hasnt got me stuck soo far what are use driving ?
  9. Males will catch everything a female can once fit, and i think do it in more style
  10. I was going to keep it but the smell was unreal
  11. Hi stu it’s the end of the season for me but I will get you a day out next season if you like is [BANNED TEXT] dog ok with birds ?
  12. Id put all my money on the goshawk and im a lurcher man to heart
  13. She certainly is mate [BANNED TEXT] welcome
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