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  1. Nice one tank, il be doing it for the first time at the weekend, hope i get a result, Good luck on your outing with the trapline traps Don.
  2. Nice one tank, you doing it regular now pal
  3. All i said was a £1000 for a lurcher pup
  4. I did say something this morning when i read it but they deleted it
  5. And like someone said, dont get working homes and probably end up in dog homes before a years out
  6. No not bull, i think whippet, greyhound, beddy x, i know mate prices are pathetic, must be mad to buy them for those prices
  7. Just seen litter of lurcher pups advertised on pigeon watch for £1000 a pup, mental prices
  8. Havent done it yet mate been busy with work, hopefully going this week as a bloke that i ferret and shoot for on his land rang me to do his garden
  9. Cheers mate, ye she watches what your doing most of the time, think she will make a belter for next season
  10. Went out today with hodge, steph and josh, took the pup and she did good again, not a noise from her when she was tied up just sat and watched, ended up with 13,
  11. I had a pair of muck boots for 4 years, cost £90 i think, great till i stood on a nail, just baught another pair for 120 and feel great and im sure theyl last a good few years if like the others
  12. Playing with the rabbit skin in the garden the past few weeks payed off, went ferreting this morning with my mate kev and his son jo, the pup had its nose down as soon as we got on the fields, she got between the fences and started working the cover, we done 2 big warrens and got 5 good size rabbits, not a whimper out of her when she was on the lead when we were busy, more than happy with how she done today
  13. Will do tomorrow mate when i go down garden
  14. Cheers lads, might be sorted jok but just incase where are you if i had to pick it up, i got a ferret box from you a few years ago but cant remember if i collected it or not
  15. Time Left: 10 days and 23 hours

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    Anyone got a single terrier box for sale or know where i could buy one, (dont want a double box) Looking for a lightweight one, ply or maybe even plastic, thanks for any replys


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