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  1. u likes em racoons mush dun ew
  2. the dam looks in tip top shape fairplay to yous
  3. thats the way ebts should look
  4. yes cuz that Maney the ebt cross is smashin everything very very fast too, just dont look it im guna put kevins ebt on my colie gray bull gray he had plenty of guts in him,[bANNED TEXT] was many tts
  5. but I would me too internal harm
  6. lonzo

    UFC 146

    im thinkin dos santos is guna smash overeem,think cain is guna beat mir.dnt think mir will be able to take his shots n dnt thik mir will be able to take him down,cains wrestling is tooo good.also cain got cardio for days
  7. lonzo


    billy deserves a star
  8. each to their own i suppose,but fuk that
  9. thats ruff as fuk him gettint nik for that
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