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  1. if you are ever stuck , cuase your dog will not line a bitch pm me i will do it with the starws or the sringe i have done this with sucess many times , the bonus on this is no vd going into your bitch and pups , yes vd , dogs carry vd, butlets not tell yoys to much , i was learnt this from a man that travels to europe to fetch sperm back , sperm can live for 72 hours , some flights from europe are only 4 hours , but thats a different tale , pm me 50 pounds big litter theres them that no nowt
  2. looks a good outing for the dogs . nowt like a good days ferreting to break it up . dogs love it it
  3. Why would you get fed up of showing your dog that much graft? cause you dont get back home until morning with aload of bunnys you carnt be bothered with , flea ridin things , worms , and a mess , fact.
  4. Would you prefer something hardcore like foxes and deer...? Make's them the real deal eh... Most of the lads keep there business to themselves, but you do get the cranks on here posting stuff they shoudn't.. Theres too many idiots posting pointless comments... Keep up the rabbiting lads good thread.. look mate andy done hard core mate yes i have sed its good for the dogs . times have changed we can only do bunnys by law ,,,,, i was out 5 nights aweek and when i seen them bunnys i seen a pound and when i seen a hare i seen 4 pouund. just bunnys all nite would sicken me aswell as th
  5. if they did they wouldnt put the miles in to give their dogs the work iv had the fortune to hit the ton mark myself with millet and moll from this forum running three dogs we manged to pip your score by three we eventually called it a night on 104 , an excellent nights lamping tomo and co . you have to work for your rabbits finding them is easy its catching them with the dog and humping them back to the road thats the killer done loads of bunny bashing had a dog that done 40s one night 53 , on its own and i got sick of killing them , slip run turn or two dead and thats it realy lads .
  6. WELL DONE LADS but in all honestly do yous not get sick of just bunny bashing .
  7. plian and simply out the motor much better out and on , or open gate dog out runing along side of motor up to it , and on . and dead. catch more depends on the game you want dont get the bigger stuff that night and the dogs realy havnt had a good run then off to the fields for a few wherlls on the long ears
  8. shame that mate , man told me who has had hawks for 26 year that harris hawk watch you tieing nots . clever things just got back into it after a 5year out. am rusty . chin up mate
  9. few pictures of me bitch out today she be 4mth old on the 15th of feb Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  10. over the years i have seen dogs i would say a dog into its third season with out any bad injurys starts coming into its own , i do tend to think that a lot are started to early as pups . the whippet x yes can start early more than the bigger xs , is it starting some bigger xs to early tend to make there owners think the dog is shit, hence for sale
  11. what age is the dog , and have you had it on long ears at a early age , i would keeping bunny bashing with it and leave the long ears off, for a while
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