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  1. commenting on everything you t****r, the whole of plymouth thinks youre a stinky, what do you know about personal hygiene you parrafin
  2. proper stuff dont hang round long does it
  3. shuold be no probs if its not maden bitch
  4. and it sounds like he wants a game dog not a CUR
  5. already know about that theory dances, but would like to know what you think you are bringing to the gene pool by advertising your self at stud, how much is the stud fee anyway? i have some sows that need covering
  6. you want to be careful slagging dances off, he dont want to fight, tells everyone everything, hes got no bottle, he talks the talk but dont walk the walk, but he will get his mum out to sort you out and shes a big old girl, she even takes him lamping, pmsl
  7. no one wants to go out with you because you cant keep your trap shut, you will talk to and tell anyone that will listen
  8. what are you talking about dances, your mummy takes you lamping, you cant drive you numpty
  9. your f*****g puppy is looking like your bull xs, f*****g toast racks!
  10. What the f**k are you on about now you daft twat who wants to know about this? more pointless crap, you just can't help yourself can you
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