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  1. how good is a collie whippet greyhound x whippet for a all round rabbiting dog
  2. the bitch as now been sold. thank you for your intrest
  3. how good is the saluki greyhound collie for a all rounder .
  4. english springer spaiel bitch for sale four and a half working picking and beating full kc and microchiped live and white. £500
  5. what lurchers are they in derbyshire , that is up for stud
  6. how good is the first cross border collie greyhound with dealing with the fox
  7. collie greyhound first cross to go over a whippet bitch ,much be 100% rabbit and fox dog in the are of derbyshire or sheffield for stud
  8. the ad should have said swap not wanted , it just the recall with this bitch
  9. the saluki greyhound bitch is back on for sell , she blaclk with white on one year old and had a few runs very keen and fast standing at 23 inches i am in Derbyshire
  10. i got a saluki greyhound bitch that i want to swap for a small rabbiting bitch much work with ferrets and lamp
  11. saluki greyhound bitch swap for rabbiting bitch must be 100% rabbbiting
  12. she 23 inches and black i can send pics by phone
  13. hi have a saluki whippet x greyhound bitch at a year old , very keen and fast black £100
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