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  1. Ben Coward

    Lurcher Pups

    Hi all, I was wondering if any of you knew of any litters coming up? I am looking for a new bitch pup to replace my previous dog. I am open to any type of lurcher as long as it has no bull in it. Kind Regards,
  2. Hi Folks, Require a dog for stud in South Wales. Preferably Black or Blue and short haired. Definitely no bull blood. Needs to be kid friendly too. Looking for collie/greyhound cross type. Thanks, Ben
  3. Ben Coward

    First Time Stalking

    Alright, I am in need of a favour. Does anybody know somebody who can organise a days stalking (willing to pay) south of Glasgow? Thanks in advance, Ben
  4. Ben Coward

    Joint Supplements ??

    Cod liver Oil. Dog and I both take it. Great stuff!
  5. Ben Coward

    Mole Trapping

    Yeah, there a few hills that need sorted.
  6. Ben Coward

    Mole Trapping

    I understand that local guys would be reluctant to pass on any trade secrets. Driving to Cardiff in March so might persuade the otherhalf to take a trip down exmoor if time. Cheers,
  7. Ben Coward

    Mole Trapping

    Anybody fancy taking us out for a days trapping. would love to be shown how its done. I'm based in lanarkshire but willing to travel(within reason) cheers, Ben
  8. Ben Coward

    Edinbrugh Ferreters....

    Of course I can help with free ferreting too. How's Cas (sp) coming along? B
  9. Ben Coward

    Kelvin Valley Show 4Th August

    Thank you for a great day. The daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now if possible could we have another re-run of the overs final. I don't think i managed to get the slip right!!
  10. My dog is 100% safe with stock.
  11. Ben Coward

    Best Dealer Boot.... Buckler Buckflex?

    I swear by my rm williams. Expensive but so comfy.
  12. Ben Coward

    Royal Highland Show

    might have a spare ticket? interested?
  13. Country covers falklnd trousers are excellent!
  14. Ben Coward


    Has anyone heard or been involved with ACN?? Been asked about it today. B/
  15. Ben Coward


    I use some cheapo thing of e bay. Can't complain. Saving up for a lithium battery then I'll be sorted.