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  1. Have a Polecat Hob last years kit if anyone is interested. Buckingham MK18
  2. BenjaminCadd

    "chipping" A Diesel Engine.

    Always used to Map my Cars but I decided to go for this now for the new car http://www.diesel-performance.co.uk/ brilliant bits of kit, Goes undetected by main dealers as its after the ECU and a 5 min job with variable maps..... +4 mpg on a average trip and pulls like a train. Well worth the money.
  3. Anyone in Northants, Bucks Area with a Hob available? Thanks.
  4. BenjaminCadd

    Newbie Ferreter Question

    Good luck with the Hobs.
  5. BenjaminCadd

    Ferret Kits Free To Good Home

    On hold this morning.
  6. BenjaminCadd

    Ferret Kits Free To Good Home

    Around 3 months, one is silver the other polecat coloured and in the center of Buckingham.
  7. BenjaminCadd

    Ferret Kits Free To Good Home

    PM Sent
  8. Free kits 2 x Jills and 1 x Hob MK18 Area.
  9. 2 Jills and 1 Hob free good working home. MK18 Area.
  10. 4 Hobs All silvers Free to good working homes.
  11. BenjaminCadd

    Pro Sport

    I prefer the TX200 full length to the prosport, that cocking lever on the prosport dose become a pain in the arse.
  12. As above try somme AA feild or even some RWS Superfeild and see how you get on, but 7" is alot, are you certain the scope is ok?
  13. BenjaminCadd

    2 For The Hw100Kt

    Looks a good bit of kit that hw100 will be interesting to see what you pick up most over the next few months
  14. BenjaminCadd

    Just The 4 This Morning

    Cracking shooting, i reckon conney bashing is my favorite!
  15. BenjaminCadd

    Blowing The Cobwebs Off The Tx200

    Thanks, i had a HC to start with but this is a full length and i find it better balanced for me although i can see why people say it is muzzle heavy, bit of a big old unit