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  1. madhunter


    Hi there anybody goy any mumtjac mounts for sale
  2. I ginny spinner my son aint no scum bag or grass get facts right YES HE DOES HELP OUT AT SSPCA does that mean he is a grass no he just walks the dogs and cleans them out thats it and he never hide the fact that he voulters there please get facts right
  3. Right lads just to put things straight my son does volunter work at sspca and has done for about 1 1/2 years cleaning dogs out and walking them he has not hid the fact he there couple days a week a few my hunting buddies no this. The said sub was over getting dogs back seen my boy and put two and two the geather made 10 my son no him but when i asked him if he was over sub said no why? And he def no informer is it a crime for my boy who likes dogs to walk them and clean them out no so thats end beleave what you want
  4. madhunter

    Barryvox Element

    Good set up that
  5. madhunter

    Wanted .lure Coursing Machine

    Type in bullx on facebook they do great one,s
  6. madhunter

    Order Raw Food

    Gracyhills breat stuff and not to deer plus fresh
  7. madhunter

    Drontal Analogue

    You can get 30 of these for fiver on ebay
  8. madhunter

    Bellman And Flint For Sale

    Whats best you do mate
  9. madhunter

    Whats Best

    whats best locator system for terrier work
  10. madhunter


    Just send them a message mate
  11. Seen these names about
  12. madhunter


    I get my meat for 10 spot for 17kl so good stuff just found somewere else going try morro turkey chicken mate say great stuff so give try
  13. madhunter

    Price Pups

    He just looking for something out working parents but very dear up here in scotland most c**ts need balaclava on when selling them plus he no transport so cant travel all over. He will get one fae somewere though he just keep back fae peddlers was a russel looking for
  14. madhunter

    Price Pups

    Crazy price at these price,s me son just need keep going way his lurchers
  15. madhunter

    Price Pups

    god price terrier pups have went right up been on lots pages and the price,s are crazy some even have two litters for sale when i was into terrier we keep between friends and sold others for notes my sons after one think he need get bank loan for one plenty people making money