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  1. Evening folks hope all is well. The time has came for me to part with my beloved tx.. I purchased the gun from mattybugeye off here a good few months ago. As most of you will remember he made a thread about the restoration of the gun and all the blood sweat and tears that went into it really does show. It's a .22 comes with air arms silencer, fur lined bag, and a useable scope. I've put easy around 10 tins through the gun and never ever had a problem. I'm after £250 or a swap for something? Liverpool area may travel. For pics and anymore info please contact me on 07712342459
  2. Need gone soon as lads.. Open to all offers px with anything cash either way..
  3. http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/313092-tx200-now-project-hc/ As most of you know this gun has hours and hours put into it and it really shows! Gun is sweet as a nut and worth every penny, all together gun owes me around £400 asking for £350 prefer collection please!! Thanks lads Comes with gun bag, mod and scope.. 07712342459 text for more info and pics
  4. Haha these topics don't half take off!! Nice dog mate atb with sale hope he finds a suitable home!!
  5. f***ing budgies more like, they all seem to be huge! But yeah mate the fields and paths atTHE back of ours are full of them! Atb
  6. Bought this off mattybugeye and as most of you know a lot of blood sweat and tears went into getting this gun upto the beauty it is now!! Basically just testing the water to see what I get offered. Also if nothing comes up I fancy there's no problem in me keeping it!! If I could afford to purchase something else I'd 100% keep this gun but that not being the case I'm offering up for swaps. Not sure what I'm after really.. Just fancy a change. Here is a link to the restoration!! http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/313092-tx200-now-project-hc/ Thanks lads!!
  7. I've been in the same boat since the tx got deliverd haha Great shooting mate!!
  8. Almost 7 months for me.. Used patches and sucked on treble extra strong mints when I felt like a bitter. E cigs and all these other stupid fake ciggys aren't worth a wank in my opinion.. I dont think I've met anyone that's stopped smoking fully with them. Ai bought one and had a sore throat for weeks! Done worse damage than the ciggys!!
  9. Wish I had the money spare. Seem like brilliant value compared to others you see around the net. All the very best and good luck with the sale!! Also are these just a one off or will you continue making knives?? Atb mate
  10. Haha where do you find these!? I will be TRYING one son hopefully.. Mind you I couldn't even screw a silencer in properly so I've got no hope in hell of restoring a full gun!! Atb lads
  11. Haha I'm a thick twat I didn't know that the screw went into the barrel!! That will be why the zero was out and hopefully why the power felt down. Thread was a tiny bit perished on silencer thread in barrel looks sweet. Just got it in another 2 and a half turns all looks good!! Hopefully all is well with it now will check tomorrow after work! Thanks again Matt att
  12. Looks brilliant mate well done! You got any more projects lined up mate?
  13. It's funny you should say that. Since it's been attached it's been sending pellets up and to the right. And it's been a nightmare to try and zero in again. I bought the silencer off a chap off here and it would fit a tx200 and a s410 I think he said. Was quite stiff screwing into the barrel aswell. So maybe I could of f****d the thread up abit and maybe sent it off line?
  14. Evening all! Received my silencer for the tx200 this morning so decided to go out for a few shots just too see the difference and couldn't help but think it has less power with the silencer attached.. Now I haven't checked it as I don't have the equiptment but the time from when I squeeze the trigger to the time the pellet hits the target seems a lot longer that when it doesn't have it attached.. I'm still new to air rifles so go easy if this is a daft question. Atb lads
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