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  1. Done the right thing mate, exactly the same happend to me a couple of seasons ago. ATB
  2. As above bull greyhound wanted doing the job will pay really good money for the right dog message me. cheers
  3. My mate try to buy her the other day you said its not for sale.........
  4. Good going pal but me personally wouldnt run a 5 month old pup youl end up spoil in it in the long run.
  5. My old bitch was under shot had 2 litters off her and in both litters some come out under shot and some were normal, the sires jaws were perfect !!
  6. Hi people ive just joined the forum hope to talk so some of yous soon. Cheers
  7. Hello people im new to the site im looking for a bull greyhound doing the job if any body can help me out? Not bother if its a dog or bitch money waiting here now for one. Cheers
  8. Hoping to get a pup out of this line in the future, you get good and bad in all litters FACT!!
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