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  1. Anyone selling a bull bitch or know anyone that is? Let me know cash waiting cheers
  2. suppose a dog can only do so much really, as if they really want break in to your property, they shoot or poison any dog not matter what breed. And with the new law a guard dog got be under control all the while with its owner , no more having loose dog or dogs on your property , if they are you be in the shit with the law so really is there any point of having a big vicious dog, where a jack or pat prob let you know just as good and easier and cheeper to buy . But I think good well bred gsd or maybe a mal would what I go for if I wanted a bigger type dog, as said with law though its
  3. Yeah I know iv been looking through but thought a would try on here first
  4. Hi pal not so much bothered if they not worked but rather them come from working lines or even an older one. It will be used for big game mate and ill be using it as a guard dog. ATB
  5. Yeah that ill be great not so much bothered if they not working. Thanks alot
  6. Yeah iv noticed that most of them over here just look like fat bull mastiffs. Been looking on one of the sites to import one, was just going to give that a go for my last resort. ATB
  7. Is there anybody on here that breeds working Presa Canario pups? If not could somebody point me in the right direction to get a good one, would be much appreciated. Cheers ATB topdogs.
  8. As above wrecking crew dvd wanted. Pm me
  9. Why even comment on the post if you haven't got what the fellas after ?? Really isn't any need, just being a nause
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