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    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Lol.. as I thought .
  2. stop.end

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    I wasn't laughing I was chuckling son . My options for a top class white stud dog is like a roundabout dont you get your thong twisted about that. seems now a days if youve a thumb you can sure as fcuk make up whatever you want I see, and as for you being a clown.. so am I for answering you but im on the toilet having what you talk... so ill give you a fact or 2 as ive had a vindaloo.. whoever you think may know me, they maybe from Derry or surrounding is telling you some funk lol... hmm my circle is tighter than your ring so I guarantee you dont know a single man who will know me personally.. as in hunts or socialize with me. FACT. I didn't own the black dog lol??more oul made up shite.. hmm well who did then..that terrier was raised in my yard from 9 weeks old was gifted to me for free by a younger terrier man, that ive been digging with for 15 years... FACT. He had been dug in quite a few counties and across the water and always held his own...FACT. and was dug dead at 2.6M in Co. Donegal in hard quarry ground... sounding and working well until 0.8 .. no more sounding so thought he had to dance the last... broke through he was luke warm.. quarry 2 inches in front of him.. FACT. lol plenty of good digging men come on this site know me in person just flicking over it not posting, unless to call out peddlers or pretenders.. and that includes me if I was one. FACT. so why would I tell lies over free pups ya bozo... only pretenders try and call me out on this site son.. I drive the country to drop terriers and keep terrier work legal so pretenders like you can to... I don't care what you keep..or who line there from, or who you do or dont know.. thats your business... Your knowledge on terrier work from what you post on her, beside your shite banter or terriers that are dead has NO interest to me nor do you... So lets just stop pretending you know me and if you do know me approach me when you see me.. and ask anything you want to know....
  3. stop.end

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Lol.. no one tells me what to do son.. I can edit put up or take down what I want when I want.. there my terriers... you seem to be a pretty mouthy fella..and do a lot of asking what lines folks terriers are from. Lol you wouldn't know ANY of the men I get them from so what you asking what lines there from its not like a clown like yourself would be getting one...lol do you even own terriers?
  4. stop.end

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    The mother of the pups is lying chilling out against the wall after giving her pups a 3 hour ju jitsui lesson up the back on the concrete, thats the grand master peering out the box, she was up showing throat holds leg locks, bites to internal organs and pressure point techniques lol... and the black and white bitch pup was one of the students...and the second pic is a litter sister of hers I gave up to a man.... both pups 10 and a half months...bottom pic is another bitch I kept from same litter.
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    by some of the pics you put up mate... how far back do yours sit?
  6. stop.end

    brindle patterdale

    Ok.. but my post in a cryptic way was saying more like... the men that myself and you mentioned, we're breeding terriers more than working them...they were NOT testing them their selves. lets be honest and selling them.. so decades later good men now a days you couldn't buy a terrier from them... so if you can't buy.. and your walking past a clone of your own terriers at a show...??
  7. stop.end

    brindle patterdale

    Patterdale? Lol . imo is just like any good line/type..may that be black white chocs or even a different variation..not really a breed per say . because lets be honest they will be when looked back far enough a mix of a lot of things from a long time ago.. if it's a well established line they will be breeding to type as in first and foremost work, then after a while they all start looking like peas in a pod if done correctly... for example if 30 years ago you were into terriers and you were at a show you could tell a gould terrier..not a diluted orange juice that the masses were producing back then forget about the rose tinted glasses its the same in 2019 as it was in 1999 ...but real stuff from kens yard.. you could tell.. same as nuttalls.. but to be honest in NI in them days me personally didn't dig or hear much of nuttalls.. until later. long story short...if you know the history of the proper line from the genuine stuff... you could be at a dog show lets say.. a fella walks past who you don't know from adam he has a terrier just by looks and confirmation 9/10 you could stop him and say nice terrier it looks like a such and such and it ends up he mixes in the same sort of circle but maybe will be the other end of the country or different country. , and in the end up it will be a brother sister cousin or same lines but with different men going in different directions but still keeping it close.... meaning same genetics just it seems in the right circles its a need to know basis with folks I know...no flapping gums about folk.. unless you need to know... As for bull in ALL patterdales as you call them dilly... the ones I know that are doing the work well to a standard consistently every time and reproducing the same...have bull in them... but haven't had an actual bull in the line since the first initial x back at the big bang theory lol...
  8. stop.end

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Fella the only reason Tommy Robinson the Zionist will be faked into jail again is he will be in there getting fed his next agenda.. lol even Stevie wonder could see that ffs... Netanyahu and mossad is probably writing the script and stage play for him now as we speak for his preparation for his 2nd staged arrested.
  9. stop.end

    DEFRA Consultation - General Licences

    everything to do with the general licence should all be back on track in the next 2 weeks, and as far as im aware.
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    Snare pegs

    I would take some off you if you didn't mind pirate...
  11. stop.end

    packham ,,good morning briton

    I beg to differ.. after todays national news on climate change..Agenda 21 ... is well and truly under way... the countryside as you or I know it and our whole way of living has just been diagnosed with cancer... its just been told what stage we are in and me personally thinks its just been given the stage 4 category today...
  12. stop.end

    Third seat

    If you're looking for a good tight van Francie I have a good clean transit connect high top for sale... ive owned it the last 6 years...new timing belt went into her at 155.000 theres 175000 on it now....new clutch went in few months ago.. new drop links.. bearings.. exhaust... new sliding side door rails...good tyres all round..sills all welded on her for the last mot... motd to August 01... she bigger than the normal transit connect. shes 6ft x 4ft, in back 4ft high roof... loads a room for a dog fishing van... good factory fitted bulk head and plenty of room to put a set of double transit van front seats with seat belts in the back... just screw them in and your sorted with a cracking wee van..easy do you the next 6 years no problem... if you're interested send me a pm....
  13. stop.end

    Jibb or more time

    Good post, also every single pup although being litter mates will be unique individuals.. all wired genetically the same but some being quicker to catch on to certain things than others and the environment there grew up in... 3-days to 12 weeks, no stress clean quiet environment and introduced to humans..12 _ 16 weeks jagged introduced to terrier boxes leads and the van... outside environment and each one introduced singularly at different times to different family members house pets to socialize with different dogs... 16 weeks to about 20 months it gets mostly road walked up motorways...taken to fields with older terriers to sniff act a terrier pup and meet livestock, obedience, lead walking and to be honest encountering everything.. thats associated with terrier work... but without terrier work if that makes sense?. Also I never enter a terrier... when all above has been carried out and you can read a TERRIER and not a book... A terrier will self enter and when it does.. and if competently done... on break through... breaking stick please...
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    Lol... a number 7.. pigeon express I think...! So as I said no malice... and you gave her to a gun pack.. good honest answer.. I think you know why you gave her away ...
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    Lol... hmmm . Digging terriers you reckon?
  16. stop.end


    I don't know the scenario because its only a pic and I wasnt there.. so dont know whats going on D.C. so dont think im slating you or your terrier fella, just after working terriers for a long time and being honest ive worked and owned and seen more mediocre and bad terriers/ hopefuls than I have good and thats a fact.. but ive also grew up digging to some real good terriers to set the standard or bar to... and how to actually work terriers properly... I live in an area where terrier work was/is very popular... from the older generation and now the young up and coming men... over a long period of terrier work addiction you get to see certain traits... lol fcuk ive kept terriers that have been all entered correctly and had 30_ 40 digs going great as I thought... Then starting to do what I see in the pic...and slowly but surely they started to wein... meaning in all honesty if quarry is in front of that terrier when you broke through, then its nose should be driving forward and its 2 front legs should be like Michael Phelps in Beijing... meaning maybe im completely wrong and talking shit.. but my heads working overtime was there stuff in front of that terrier D.C. ?
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    You definitely keep some nice terriers.. Hunt stuff?
  18. stop.end

    So much for a happy Easter

  19. stop.end

    So much for a happy Easter

    Men believe me I am not in any way shape or form trying to say I hate English men women or children.. fcuk no... and what happened in Derry on Thursday night has utterly dumb founded and numbed this city.. ill give you an example.. im going to walk terriers in the next 30minutes.. I will drive over the foyle bridge to walk my dogs down by the shore where its nice and quiet... its Saturday night ill be back around 9pm.. but because I live in the area I do I will be tugged somewhere along my 7 mile journey from home to there and back.. I have a clean record licence, insurance and tax.. im self employed I have FAC ffs.. pay tax work hard but because of where I live... the van will be tugged over not using an indicator or some silly lie.. held for 10 minutes while they illegally search the back of my van then told to go on... Derry is a beautiful prosperous wee city good night life great really friendly people with the countryside and donegal literally 5 minutes from my front door... the whole of NI who grew up in troubles do not want anyone to be brought up in that again... and as for lenn.. not a very tasteful topic to try and go fishing with lad..
  20. stop.end

    So much for a happy Easter

    I live in Derry, I can enter a terrier in a burrow in the north of Ireland and hop over a fence and locate him 5 to 10 meters away in the south of Ireland...its what is called a Byrne here in Ireland a trickle of water what supposedly separate the country.. imaginary lines divide this land.... and it was the English aristocracy and elites that broke up and stole this land... raped and pillaged, took our freedoms our food and thought the stupid paddys would just take it... that was 100s of years ago.. or so you English think... its still the very same today... lol yous are on here crying all the time about immigration and Muslims, but seems are totally unaware of why this is happening... yous went into every country raped, pillaged stole lands wrecked indigenous peoples culture and push your own agenda and tell the people of their own land how to live and rule under an imaginary queen who doesn't give a fcuk about human beings... try living in an oppressive regime like that and see how you get on... also not one mainstream media including our own local news has reported that that prick Reggie Yates is and was there on the night of this terrible tragedy recording a documentary.... also yous have to question the psni tactics... raiding a high risk republican area at 8pm on and easter rising weekend? Hmmm you think they didn't know shit was going to kick off...why not leave it to like 4am when they do every other raid... wilf your asking questions looking for a simplified answer the truth is there is no simplified answer... you had an argument with a republican I here you say in another post.. lol most of the folk in the republic of Ireland hasnt got a clue what goes on north of Ireland nor cares... so please refrain from shite talk of how you were talking to a republican lol... fcuk the only time most people from hobbit villages in southern Ireland seen a mask was Halloween... mon up to Derry for a weekend wilf since you wanna know so much about it ill walk you about take you through these estates let you see first hand whats going on... its 2019 and some places in Derry are still treated like its the 70s... and for the other eejit who referenced the Palestinian people should just let Israel trample all over them.. you sir are the epitome of why 93% of the world feel the way they do about the English.
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    8 months old.. was weighed at vets last Tuesday...22lb weight... lol.
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    lol... was just thinking very same thing myself... the foxes over there must have no teeth ffs...
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    I think the whole thing maybe going over your head a little bit... this whole fcuk storm.. has been manufactured for more than 40 years ago... believe it or not.. the elites play chess not checkers.. they have been tip toeing this shit from many a year.. lol you think there all actually arguing with conviction for the good of the average man?? Farage and juncker after 7 o clock are actually more likely sharing lines of coke of some high class brussels hookers arse while dressed as puppys sharing a pint of boddingtons and sniffing each others hoop than on their European expenses paid for by us than they are going back to their hotel room to shuffle through papers..and guess what.. rush to your kitchen and get the tin foil for ill give you a little piece.. the Vatican are involved at the highest levels in the jungles in Calais, the smuggling of immigrants through Europe and once they get them there they or sorry the so call likes of UNICEF and red cross and a few other whats called NGO non government organizations are involved.. all owned by or started by and run by other prominent some British interests...they get €35 per person per day... the Vatican plus other high European elites own they land there occupying and there charging rent..and its the national people paying.. then you have high Easter European mafia and gangs involved in supplying kids who have no papers to all sorts of sick fcuks.. most in Hollywood, politics, high up judiciary system police the list goes on... yes if looked deep enough its probably Teresa mays nephew supplying the dingys and motors.. not directly obviously lol.. as has been said before why you think there opening the police and army and politics in our own countries to muslim queers lesbians peadophiles gender fluids and fcuking hermaphrodites... is so when we finally wake up, wise up and rise up then the EU army, which is coming.... very very soon and is full of all sorts with no patriotism to any country or moral code... will open up with live bullets from tactical assault rifles.. and our freedoms will be so eroded by that time... the very near future... it will be classed as a victory for communism because that's actually what system we are living under........ and not a fcuckin catastrophe....but look on the bright side son... you will still be KING .. in your hunting life virtual life....