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  1. Mate the kind of hunting that we do in Britain is not the same mate with lurchers it's more they will run on something that's moving fox hunting with hounds is more like pig hunting in a sense I know from my time in Nz and going pigging I think ud be better sticking with the kind of dogs u use alrdy I know when I was in Nz it's very wild bush land if I was breeding trying too get smaller size I would be thinking of at most 1/4 whippet 3/4 of pit bull type that u alrdy use to get that smaller type with it's speed but not lose so much of it's nose and that never give up streak that the bull giv
  2. [bANNED TEXT] the best way ive found is too keep 2 cages any way u neva know when one is going too get sick so keep ur jills seprate after the vac hob has done the buisness untill he comes out of season then put him back in
  3. heres my two 6 months old brother and sister not 100% sure whats in them bit of everthing
  4. 10 foot out the gate lucky i live on mine dont think i could offord too do the traveling some of u lads are doing
  5. vacs is just the snip so it is firing blanks wich will take ur jill out of season and castrated is when they have no balls as for castrated is iam not sure if they can take them out of season but iam not sure and for keeping all year long would depend on ur self some folk will use a vacs hob in with the jills all year long but i would still expect them too be dragging them about a fair bit if they were not seprated but saying this some 1 i know that has had ferrets for 30 odd years says he had no problems with not breeding them or knoking them out of season but every 1 too there own [bANNED T
  6. offer a helping hand before they are geting there birds and work ur bolloacks off and then ask if u can shoot some vermin all depending on the keeper though some are just funny about who they let shoot but if u give them a hand every now and then they will soon come round too folk that dont take the piss
  7. converting sheds are the best way ive found depending on how many u keep just rember if ur only going too have 1 door put a bit of board along the door way so when u go too open the door u have not got ferrets all running for the same door way too get out that way u can change food and bedding alot easier then trying too round up ferrets that keep trying too escape and dont put a level too close too the door when u need too get too clean and knock ur self on ur head every time ur cleaning abit of planning ahead can save a lot of hassle as i found out lol
  8. i just took my 2 pups out ferreting with me when they were young it sort of done the trick they soon kinda figured out what was happening kinda been the word i still dont trust them 100%
  9. he had any bones latley my dog skint a bit of flesh of hes nose just the other morning took me ags too figure out how he done it till i see him trying too chew on a bone at a funny angle
  10. how is the law dif up here rabbits are part of the - Exempt part of the hunting bill
  11. had 1 when i only had 1 ferret but ferrets can be messy little gits when they wont too be and there shit made and not escape proof trust me lost a jill in the house a few times always in the smallest hard too reach places ie in the sofa not under it or on the cushions but in the dam thing but saying that was good fun when they have a lot room too sniff about and every thing and evry new thing is exciting too play with but far too much hassle in the house get a joiner too build u a hucth or buy 1 of build 1 or look about for a smaller shed too convert thats what i done
  12. dosent seem too bad this year round my way not as many as last year but still a better number then 5 years ago when everthing just died off but got 4 black ones on my permisoon this year was only 1 last year and the roads will all ways have a healthey population cos u can never get close enuf and cant get permmision on the road sides cos of health and saftey and all that kinda crap
  13. ow well we shall see in a few months
  14. hey every one could do with a bit of advice got me self 2 lurcher pups there 7 month old just started too let have the odd slip when out for a walk but they way they run seems a little wierd the bitch as soon as she is off is going full pelt then coming too a slow speed then trying too cacth up is this normal or s her thinkning she is coming in too hard they havnt done much apart from being out when i was ferreting
  15. right u need a hucth water/feed bowls ferret food a locator and collar a spade purse nets a ferret box for carrying and last but not least a ferret and knock on doors to ask for permission and books dvds and learn as much as u can before u buy any thing ow and bedding and they need cleaned every day trust me it stops the hucth from smelling so much
  16. well just recentley i got two pups from the same litter picked the 2nd biggest dog they had the bicth that was the runt of the litter and so far the runt seems too be the better dog she has more brains faster and natrual talent so i think its a bit of pick of the draw as long as there healthey looking
  17. ur best bet for a cheap multi shot would be the internet for a 2nd hand one they can be quite exp and for the land issue just start knocking on doors mate or freinds of freinds kinda thing thats how i got myne
  18. nice lookinbg dog mate whats was he crossed with
  19. i layed of my jills from working when they got preg but i have heard of some folk that use them in the first stages of preg never forget too have extra batteries in ur pocket before u leave and a good shovel just incase
  20. ferreting is how i got my 2 pups started now there as keen as anything and letting them retrevie the odd shot rabbit when out lamping seems too of done the trick for me
  21. its the first air rifle i had great gun for everthing never let me down but springs do need replacing every now and then great gun for some one just starting though
  22. very nice dogs I like the brindle thx mate starting too show abit of promise now still nothing like the bicth though she seems too got abit more in the brains side
  23. 6 ft once never againg though i stay clear of that warren now
  24. here is mine and here they are now at 7 month
  25. mm thx for the quick repleys just have too wait till start of the season i suppose
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