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  1. Ausnick

    Who Keeps Quail??

    I used to breed quail and 3/4 of the chicks turned out to be males, absolute pain in the ass. I bred hundreds of the suckers too.
  2. Ausnick

    Favourite Quarry

    So a terrier thats say 18lb weight goes into tight dark confined spaces for hours at a time to a big set of teeth in its own home and maybe do this sometimes a few times in the 1 day and every day its took out in its working life is not as admirable as a 70 to 90 lb lurcher taking 1 on the run? That is 1 of the most ridiculous statements ive ever read on here...and ive read some shite. Youv just said enough for me to know you either havnt done much terrier work or you play around with average russells, and yes I'll say it again it doesn't take what I'd call a great terrier to goe in to a den give the Charlie enough pressure to push it into a stop end and simply hold it at bay until it is dug to, a terrier that will bolt a fox 9 times out of 10 is even better in my opinion, but if your look at 'digging' dogs so the dog will stay until the end then yes a fox isn't the right test imo and as for comparing the fixing lurcher to an Earth dog I never said that however you'd be happy if your lurcher was to run catch and kill 5 out of 10 foxes am I not right? However if you enter a terrier into a den and Charlie is at home you'd expect that terrier to stay until dug on all ten?? Iv had very sh*te terriers stay all day with foxesId shake more muck off my boots gettin out of digs during the month of october son than you would all season. Youve been a terrierman for a hunt! Lol is that suppose to impress me? I wouldnt keep a hunt terrier if you gave me it for free. As for lurcher work.. sounds to me the only thing about hunting that you know is how to incrimanate yourself on the net..now away and watch A team you dreamer.I incriminate myself says the one that's named himself stop end haha tit you proberly have done more digging than me pal good for you and yep I know nothing about lurcher work, you wouldn't have a hunt terrier do you think every terrier worked on a hunt is naff then yeah? Some of the best stuff are bred from hunt lads fact, but not you wouldn't have one but you think a terrier that gets dug to on a fox has been tested, say no moreLol what in my username suggests anything illegal? Some of the best stuff are bred from hunt stuff.. again sshh...ffs. as for lurcher work remember its legal here in Ireland.. ill say noo more.. fool.Yes some of the best stuff are bred from some terrierman from hunts, a lot of the good stuff over your way stem from the welsh lads you Irish are too f*ckin thick to understand anything lad it's easy to sit there and tell people to shh while your sat behind your computer screen ya f*ckin flower shaggin twat take a running jump ya scumbag typical narcissist
  3. Ausnick

    Favourite Quarry

    must have been some sight to see, from what I've seen kangaroos a'int slow and i'd imagine not every dog would have been able Like anything if you breed dogs for the job you're gonna have better luck, their pace and agility isn't on par with a hare though. It was always more about making sure the dogs learn to keep away from the back legs must have been some sight to see, from what I've seen kangaroos a'int slow and i'd imagine not every dog would have been ableDon't need a special dog to catch kangaroos at all All depends. Greys in pasture country are not difficult, especially on the light and you'll catch plenty with your run of the mill stag. The big reds in the desert country are a different story. Also depends on if you spotlight or run em in the day, run multiple dogs or just one out etc I get what you're saying but when compared to deer they don't compare for pace. I think the only thing they have on their side is sheer endurance
  4. Ausnick

    Favourite Quarry

    must have been some sight to see, from what I've seen kangaroos a'int slow and i'd imagine not every dog would have been able Don't need a special dog to catch kangaroos at all
  5. Those things have overrun my backyard here in the city.
  6. Ausnick

    Human Aggressive Russell

    Why would anyone own a hunting dog that's human aggressive? What happens when it goes out of sight while hunting near a house, no stress? any human should be out of bounds to a hunting dog
  7. Ausnick

    Best Lurcher For Deer

    A 26-29 inch quality roodog would be my choice. As long as it doesn't have a high percentage of greyhound in its make up it would suit Australian conditions and that game well day or night.
  8. Ausnick

    Best Lurcher For Deer

    Even if they're considered a pest you'll still get charged for animal cruelty if caught by the wrong person. Some of the deerhound and wolfhound crosses do have the speed for fallow in the open but they generally start losing pace if the deer are turning too much
  9. Ausnick

    Ketamine, Yes Please 😂

    Biggest mistake of your life
  10. Ausnick

    Best Lurcher For Deer

    They're basically just wild dogs and I've read they sometimes interbreed with strays and end up a lot bigger,so I was wondering if many dogs could do them. Is it illegal to hunt them? There's wild dogs and then there's dingoes. A mate went to court because he got caught dogging deer and dingoes, he said the dog that was used killed the dingoes as quick as his dogs would kill a fox with a throat hold... He got charged for aggravated animal cruelty for doing it but in court when the dogging of dingoes was brought up the judge didn't care and it wasn't apart of the charge. The laws here are all grey. The legality on things depends on the length of the kill, your intentions and the actions you take if you're witnessing your dog kill the animal.
  11. Ausnick

    Best Lurcher For Deer

    Places where dingoes are worth running are really remote and the type of people that live in those areas aren't ones to talk about what they do or get on the Internet
  12. Ausnick

    Best Lurcher For Deer

    Plenty of stag and roodog lines getting bred that get the job done
  13. Ausnick

    Best Lurcher For Deer

    Plenty of stag and roodog lines getting bred that get the job done
  14. Ausnick

    Deer Species

    They will not throw one kick once on the deck. I've witnessed over 30 reds get killed. Only a couple were solo. 7 were killed in one hunt and all 4 dogs used couldn't hunt for 6 weeks afterwards. One dog was used on the sambar in one instance and she caught and killed two hinds and a good sized stag on her own in very rough mountains and she went on to catch 5 other big critters and kill them on her own that night, and it wasn't the sambar that made her sore. We couldn't believe it how a fully mature stag got tripped after a few attempts and the deer laid on its back squealing, not one kick. I thought in this instance it was a sick animal or something, but it happened time and time again. I've since given up chasing those great beasts. The only way I will hunt them now is with upcoming dogs walking the hills, They remind me of a St. Bernard, all size and no guts
  15. Ausnick

    Deer Species

    And then there's sambar deer over here that are as smart as anything, run down the hill quicker than a red, twice the size, twice the stamina, but once tripped even the biggest of stags will lay down and squeak like an elk bugling with just a single 28 inch dog on the throat. And on a flat or up hill they're as fast as a fox.I can't see anything taking down and holding down a Red Deer on its own let alone a Sambar...... Still happens though. Yeah in Fairy Tale land....A fallow buck puts sambar to shame in all areas except brains. The amount of pointers over here that catch and kill the odd sambar in the mountains would surprise anyone. Just because they're big doesn't mean they have any fight.