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  1. Does anyone know where replacement parts for a wildcat predator 8 can be bought?
  2. The law states her that a CF of 220 or .223 should only be used for fox control So a shooter telling a lad that its OK to shoot charlie With a .22 is irresponsible. Like I said if the chap goes to the Garda web site then he will be guided in the right direction.
  3. I'm sorry but I think you need to change your profile name. Asking silly little questions like that. First of all do you have any firearms? if yes Then you must have done your compactly training. Then you will know that a 22lr is not suitable for foxes. You need to go to the Garda web site and have a look at the commissioners guide lines on what firearm would be suitable for what purpose.
  4. I was looking at scales on ebay for reloading. I'm new to it and have a tight budget. Are any of the digital scales on ebay any good ?
  5. The Decals can be got here http://www.sail-rc.com/ or you can find him on ebay. ATB BB
  6. It looks that way I think because its a x40
  7. Here's a couple of up to date pics of my Howa 1500 in .223
  8. You can download the Strelok app to your phone it free. You just put in all the data and it will calculate it for you. I was out last night in the wind and managed to bust 2 both in the same field 100 yds apart lol. ATB BB
  9. http://i1310.photobu...zpsc30118d9.jpg that one of my favourite permissions You should stick one of these on the end of yours.
  10. Well done GEOFF. Made and use the Tenderfield myself. You'll have to stick up some pic's of the new boom boom stick.
  11. The pic were up earlier but had to be taken down cos tegater had a big scary hairy arse
  12. Make sure you remove any O ring first tho if there are any.
  13. Rimfire for bunnies centre fire for charlie. But the thats just my own opinion.
  14. The PS3 has packed up. Do I pay €150 to get it fixed or do shoot it? .22 .223 or 12g using RC40 o's ?

  15. The wifes out to a 40th. I've a bottle of red 3 large ales and a bottle of powers happy days.

  16. I did the one it salt before. I left it for weeks then put it in the washing machine with clothes oops what a mess. Managed to defur everything and clean the washer before she got home though. lol
  17. For a long time now When i'm removing the tails of shot foxes i leave the tail bone still attached to charlie. I'm now looking for a good way to preserve the tails. I've tried salt but it didn't work for me. I was told ages ago about Borex but can't find it in any of the chemists I go to, most of them no longer have it on their system. I was thinking of using methylated spirit but was told by the Chemist that this probably won't work. Any ideas lads?
  18. Thats some shot 35 miles. You should be on the next series of top shot. LOL
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