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  1. Has any used sako 90gr ammo in 243
  2. Hi all, was thinking about using the GECO 105gr bullets through my 243 , was just wondering weather anyone has used them? And has any good reviews or bad ones ? Thanks Hunter123456
  3. Think I'm going to go for a tikka T3 laminated/ stainless
  4. Sounds like a top morning :-). Keep up the good work, what it would be like to have some fallow stalking
  5. Ok. I've got them soaking in warm soapy water ATM
  6. I've got a sirocco sound moderator for my 22lr and I've decided to clean it, it got like 10 Baffles things in it that are separate. And there really dirty. Can't scrub it off or anything. What's best thing to soak them in
  7. How long is variations in Devon and Cornwall taking at the moment ?
  8. Yeaah. I love my 22-250. But everyone seems to be going for 223 at the minute ! Ill pick 22-250 over 223 anyday.
  9. Hi. I see 223 is a popular round for foxing and so is 22-250. Was just Wondering what people prefer ?
  10. It's not the mod tho because wont zero without mod on either. It's Sumin where The bullet sits
  11. It's in the gunshop. Waiting to go back. Its smashed the moderator to hell Aswell. Mines 22-250 fluted !
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