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  1. There are a few in a park near me .....noisey buggers arn't they Mick
  2. Well if they come in 4.51 I will give them a try in my old s410 as it only likes pellets in 4.51 but my BSA likes them in 4.52 and by god they don't half hit hard...cheers Mick
  3. I thought the JSB Heavies only came in 4.52 or am I missing something....cheers Mick
  4. Cheers for the reply.....what a good idea i'll pinch that if you don't mind ?
  5. I know its a daft question but what is the cable tie for on the trap....cheers Mick
  6. hi jax13 ive replied to your post on rehoming the albino hob via P.M can you let me know...cheers Mick
  7. Hi all, im after a Albino hob if anyone has got one to line my jills if anyone has any could you let me know...cheers Mick
  8. hi saluki i had mine stolen a couple of years ago police were more than useless i told them what i'd do to them when i caught them " you can't do anything to them the policeman said you will get in trouble " bollocks i said and get out of my house. i eventually found out who did it and i still see the guy around now and HE is still limping so what goes rounds comes round. Hope you find out who did it but don't forget you can't hurt them you will get in trouble....LOL...like everyone has said you are welcome to some kits when they are ready....cheers.. Mick
  9. cracking vid mate all the ratting ferrets ive had in the past have also been sandy's it must be in there gene's... Mick
  10. bit of a bump if anyone can help....cheers Mick
  11. cheers mate for that but its a bit far for me i could do to just borrow 1 for a bit just to take her out of season if theres anyone out there near me ...cheers Mick
  12. the thieving scum of this earth has just relieved mine and my mates good working stock of ferrets from his garden this afternoon we have had the same blood strain for over 15 years an im gutted but has it happens i took 1 of the jills home with me the other day cos she was a bit off colour an i didnt want her to pass on anything she had to the others now i need a good hob to put to her as she's well in season so if anybody could help me please me an my mate would be grateful rang the coppers said they will send someone out but guess what nobody has been must be to busy eh....as for the thievin
  13. the same thing happened to mine the other week exactly the same symptons as you described i put mine down to working her on the sunday an she was dead on the tues the only thing i can say is that she picked up a couple of ticks on her head wether this caused it or not i'll never know ... mick
  14. i will but i don't think they will be as big as yours....
  15. just like your hubby having to take you along.....
  16. you must be a buttie short of a full picnic moley...lol...
  17. evening folks.. i have 2 guns an S400 and a HW100 both .22 and her in doors say's one has to go they are both great guns both shoot beautifully. both are only used for hunting and a bit of plinking and i just don't know which one to get rid off if anybody was in the same situation which would they pick......HELP... mick
  18. hi all is it possible to change a A400 from a .22 to a .177, is it a lot of work and what price we talking about...thanks... mick
  19. cheers mate where did you get it from?.....thanks
  20. i think i humped his missus one night over a dustbin she barked like a dog...
  21. thanks for that moley can you tell me which scope mount you use is it one of the clip on ones that you can get from deben an co...thanks.. hi moley don't know if you saw my reply but which mount do you use for the torch...thanks mick
  22. Get one from china mate ,works out about 12quid delivered.The 800 lumens cree zoom or the 500 lumens cree recoil are the best ones out there..The only pain is the wait hi torchey you got any links for that light that you could send me...thanks I wouldn,t no how to put a link up mate, but if you go on ebay and type in either 800lumens cree zoom or 500 lumens cree recoil they will come up, they are both real good torches probably on par with a £70 odd quid tiablo thanks for that torchey i'll give it a go ....thanks... mick
  23. thanks for that moley can you tell me which scope mount you use is it one of the clip on ones that you can get from deben an co...thanks.. mick
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