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  1. get it fixed or borrow one i take the lot.. call me if you want to sell them lad.. no messing.. get in touch..
  2. where are you pal.. if they ferrets well handled and in good order and you in the north east near durham sedgefield i take the lot..07826042491.. keith robertson.. call me thanks...
  3. lawrence its keith here.. i was at ballymacads and then in limerick... i think you came to mine and bought a pup....am interested in that wee bitch pup if you still got her... 07826042491...ta..
  4. i bet you a pound to a penny the parents never been in the dark never mind to ground... hope am wrong...and the price is........... silly money....
  5. 60 to 100 pounds.. depending on pick up and drop off points..
  6. you cant be serious lad.. get that bitch to the vet..not even mature enough and developed in herself.. plus she done feck all.. see when your there if the vet will put you down as well... cant believe you even thought along them lines never mind post it... now f**k of to the vets..
  7. tail all part of the spine lad and all part of the balance and make up of a balanced running dog.. plenty entire running dogs out there without giving yourself problems you dont need.. and no way can you compare terriers and other docked breeds with running dogs.. just my opinion mind..
  8. just had to put down my old staff bitch before i moved back from ireland.. am looking for a small type bitch pup to replace her... she will be worked hard but also well fed and cared for..no crazy show prices and out of sensible working stock.. easy to get over the water but i dont know many lads over here... not a novice lads so no chancers or peddlers..thanks for taking the time to read this and i send phone numbers by pm.. keith t robertson ex county limerick foxhounds..
  9. lads first of the stud dog you going to use should have at least 5 or 6 good consistent seasons done and should always be able to get up close and kill his fox.. so him jacking in doesnt come into question.. also the bitch used has to be top class.. good finder .able to work and dig on and handle and stay until dug to... no excuses lads.. get the basics right and you breed good honest stock.. to many using poor 14 to 15 month old stud dogs with nothing done and worse still using poor bitches..loads of shite being bred and not hard to get it right if you stick to the basics.. and travel lads
  10. mr richard markham who is huntsman to the waterford foxhounds is very good friends with brian nuttall and has terriers from him.. so i suppose over the years english and scottish lads have come over to hunt hounds and brought black terriers with them..will bryer co limericks.. stephen james north galway..richard markham at the ormond when he first came over.. charlie gundry kilkennys.. chris france kildares... thats a few i can think of in last ten or twelve years so i suppose its been happening for as long as we have hunted..
  11. in limerick in southern ireland they have huge double banks put up odd years ago.. the digging is not to bad but bashing in to get to the hounds and to block th holes can take time.. 50 year old white and blackthorn as thick as your arm can get the sweat up and the form can be tested..do that three or four times a day 5 or 6 mornings a week and your gear gets torn to shreds... top class hunting mind...
  12. Did you end up finding a job over here Lowry or did you come out of the game? got another job.. not that far from you at the morpeth... Did you end up finding a job over here Lowry or did you come out of the game?
  13. never said there wasnt lad but i know the lads down there... good honest dog and hound men who wouldnt take a penny of another honest dog man.....enough said ..
  14. just a dog dealer from the north lad.. turns up at shows and can have 25 dogs for sale.. all shite and never seen a days work.. do yourself a favour and shoot the dog then go back to southern ireland.. limerick cork or kerry. meet the proper irish terrier lads and they will give you top class working bred pups.... yes i said give... proper honest dog men dont sell other good dog men pups.. get in touch with me and i get you numbers of good honest dog men... dessie mackin just a dealer lad... you been warned..
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