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  1. as long as the kennels are kept clean and the dogs are not barking all day and night. fresh water and food. there really is nothing she can do about it she will give up mate
  2. this is my bitch hope to get her started on a couple this season she only 6mmonth at the minute but shaping up nicley. deerhound greyhound collie x collie whippet greyhound
  3. bonny pups them mate similar to my pups breeding she deerhound greyhound collie x collie whippet grey
  4. dog B must be a collie x the clever f****r
  5. ill try get a video of her recall and retrieving when i next take the camera along with me mate i think iv been lucky aswell she has always been the type of pup that doesnt want to be to far away from me, since iv had her out she has been off the lead 99% of the time iv had her on the lead just to get her used to it and when walking near roads but most the time im walking through the woods fields or country lanes so she has always been off lead.
  6. cheers lads she is getting a real nice shape to her she has got alot longer the last couple weeks
  7. cheers mate she is deerhound collie greyhound x collie whippet grey
  8. bitch pup coming on well market and scenting whilst out. recall and retrieving as good as i could wish for she never strays to far. many more hours of training and getting the dog out and she could be a good little bitch.
  9. BRAND NEW BELLING COOKER COST £280 SELLING FOR £200 AS IT IS NOT NOW NEEDED. will swap for a good kennel or sheds etc for making kennels
  10. The new complete lurcher (d.brian.plummer) the art of longnetting now thats what i call terrier work vol 2 (Jonathan darcy) the great game understanding the working lurcher ( jackie drakeford ) the ferret and ferreting handbook (james mckay ) the world of dogs fox terrier ( diana chads ) ferreting a traditional country pursuit (david bezzant ) modern ferreting (d.b.plummer ) training birds of prey ( jemima parry-jones ) ferreting and trapping for amateur gamekeepers second edition (guy n smith ) staffordshire bullterriers breaking through ( johnny bluck ) SIGNED will post thankyou
  11. XBOX 360 and GAMES FOR SALE just sitting in a box not really my thing so its going £80ovno
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