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  1. Not good to hear, how can you compete when you both work different quarry?! put this behind you and do what is best, look after the sport and stick together as we should atb
  2. you cant choose a breed that will bay or stay, doesnt work like that, individual differences of dogs, some will want to bay some may want to get stuck in, some may not want to even enter, some will mix and bay the best advice i think possible is to find a stud that does the job you want the pups to do good luck
  3. yeah feed raw, if you freeze it for 3 weeks or more its supposed to kill all worms ect
  4. id say it was that brokes brother whos admitted it, after he said 'you know what im doing' as he was up in the tree on the first episodes, then the girl was in the same spot
  5. In my opinion theyre unbeatable as ferreting dogs, but for an all rounder id have to say they needs to be some grey in the mix
  6. most will be finishing very soon, its ok to let them go but some peoples dogs dont always agree and i personally wouldnt bother them at all in the summer months but each to there own i suppose
  7. now re type it without using the word 'inflate'
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