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  1. could also try claiming it on your house insurance,sporting goods accidental damage worth a go ,mind if your excess is two much your scopes probably broke as well.
  2. Could try Tony green at Whitburn, recon he could fix it,firearms dealer if you need a lift through get my number. From Ross,cheers stuart
  3. You can shoot Canadians ( geese ) all year round in Scotland under the general licence provided you have tried alternate means of deterent but you cannot use a rifle . Shotgun only.
  4. Hi codie a mind that day was a 190 odd rats in around 2 or 3 hours .Was speaking to a guy during the week hes got rats to do if your dogs fancy it ,cheers lad merry christmas stu.
  5. My dog had a hard time last winter going out in the snow. He ended up with hard packed snow and ice in beetween his pads and toes, stopping often, holding his paw up to be cleared. I took him out today in the first snow of this winter only for the same problems again. I ended up carying him for a while which is unusual for him to let me. The wife was looking for some sort of boot to put on him to stop the snow build up when she came across Musher's Choice. Some kind of cream. Has anyone used this and is it any good or is there another way apart from dog boots to help the situation.
  6. Hi, Advertising for a friend. This scope was bought for a rifle he never got. The scope was mounted on a rifle once for a few moments to try out and then put away, to good for draging about the field on his foxing rifle. Comes in origional box, sun shade and butler creeks front and rear.All paperwork is in the box. These scopes are retailing at £560 at Sportsman at present. He wants £425 insured post. No point in pictures cos its the exact same as the one in Sportsmas's. If interested please contact him direct. Jakereilly1@gmail.com Thanks
  7. HI mate depending where you are in scotland i could get you a shot with a tikka/a browning /or a cz all in 22/250 cal there all owned by me an the mates were down Edinburgh way.cheers stuart.Dont know much about moderators we all use t8s an t4s the new t8 is the same size as the old t4 dunno how they done that lol.
  8. Hi lad with a shotgun id use bb shot in the heavyist cartridge you can get your hands on ,try an pattern your gun at about 40 yards see where your pellets are going,You should be able to get foxys into 35/40 yards especially if no one else has lamped them /had a shot at them a cheap squeeker is one out of a dogs toy you can either use it in the toy of take it out an blow it,dont try to shoot your foxys head on wait till they turn an shoot them behind the shoulder ,take your time its easy to get excited the closer the better with a shotgun.Try at night with a lamp and take someone with you to l
  9. HI mate i take it your using a scope mounted lamp my mate had the same problem he simply taped an old plant pot on to the lens of the lamp ,after taking the bottom off lol,the simple things are often the best i like yours dunno if i could be botherd taking it on an off to use my bypod through ,cheers shotgun
  10. There certainly seems to be a few around at the moment helps a suppose with the fields gettin cut ,had a mate phone yesterday about foxys taking his chickens went down had a wee squeak out pops foxy bang ,one down this was at 8 o clock decided to hang around till dark had a new squeaker to try well it worked a treat finished the night with 5 foxys ,2 cubs bout half grown an 3 adults ,four dogs an one vixen ,an i seen another 4 .dunno how my mates any chickens left ,
  11. Hi mate ive a couple o hundred 243 cases lying here at least 100 of them once fired sakos if you want them,just pick them up i got them in wi a load o gear i bought.
  12. well done again there seems to be a lot o foxys up around that way do you think there coming in over the bypass ,ive seen your lamp a few times now,keep it up .
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