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  1. floe

    Testing New Traps

    i boutht 3 1 month ago upto press no real good results
  2. testing new trap goodnature automatic multi kill wondering what results any body had
  3. floe

    Vacsectomy For Hob

    re £40 vet bill the vets are in pickering
  4. floe

    Vacsectomy For Hob

    £40 in north yorks but had quted between £40 to £110
  5. floe

    Bringing The Jills Out Of Season

    i had hob done 2 weeks ago £42 all in pickerting n /norks
  6. had ferret vasectomise £42 inc vat eastgate vets pickering n/yorks
  7. floe

    Ferret Finder

    mark 3 receiver whos best peple for repairs
  8. floe

    Cap For Micro 8' Ferret Collar

    try a areail lead cap for tv
  9. floe

    Double Cab Pick Up

    i ran al200 at 54 k big end bearing went i ran l200 54 k big end bearing went £2000 to have rebuilt went 12 mths same again this was a 65 reg
  10. floe

    Cobb Chickens

    hy vfr 400 boy where abouts in e /y are you thanks
  11. floe

    Cobb Chickens

    does any one know ho sells cobb chickens in small numbers north yorks area
  12. floe


    £67 including vat
  13. wanted vasectomised hob malton /york if poss
  14. floe

    Hob And Gill Free

    hob and gill free tohome last years kits both are abit on the large side n/yorks p/m me phone no if interested