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  1. Thanks for the advice bud new to this I feed lurcher dry with meat and fish and pasta
  2. The dog suffers from a lot of alergy problems, boldness in places and dry skin. Iv tried nearly every brand of dog food I'll will start and add pasta see if his alergies come back
  3. I have a staff here that I'm wanting to feed raw am I right you start with 5% and alter if gains or losses weight
  4. I got a hob vascomised and it cost me £60 but when geting quotes had them double that
  5. I'll do some research always want a pure collie for ferreting and mooching about
  6. Tbh I mostly ferret and mooch with the odd night lamping the seem to look more robust than my collie grey
  7. I understand their completly different mindset this spring I'll be looking for a new dog as mines slowing done due to age and reacuring injury and would consider this cross or a half cross collie
  8. How do they fair compared to collie crosses with temprement wise
  9. I bought a pat just for that and bushing some places we do don't allow lurchers on but allow other dogs so that's why I got one its his first full season he's doing well marking and catching in the nets. When a pup allowed him round holes marking but when showed interest going to ground corrected him
  10. That's it had to put on hold as insurance come back stupid for one at min
  11. Mines a 1/4 collie and stalks on sitters on the lamp.regarding size mines 26" and I find him fine on the bunnies not te best though when in tight spots ferreting due to his size but its horses for courses. The lad I go out with uses a first cross bedy whippet which is great for tight spots Ta tom
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