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  1. white stars will outlay most and longer layin span good quality layers sashios brilliant free range meat birds
  2. best advice from big daz keep simple if fowling is involved with your rough shooting a labs the dog for you
  3. some dogs are natural markers and most mark very diffrent but youll soon see how valuable they are when you put your 30 nets down or run yor quickset round and nowt in lol only advice is as said go often as poss but limit how many rabbs u take he wii soon be markin when hes run afew in i suppose with land being new to you you dont no how deep most sets are so lett me know how you handle your first 6 foot dig with folding army shouvel buy a proper rabbin spade from bulldog with Y handle 30 quid
  4. i have both always pic 17 up now no noise issue when hunting when rabbs are sat in groups of 4 etc took 3 out of 4 regular they dont no whats hit em only noise issue is with dwellings 17 alot safer as well considering ricouchet factor
  5. well if thats what people are say is afair price hows 500 grab you pups r 3 week old docked dewed over 70 ftc in breeding pm for further info
  6. work your land as often as possible jus limit the rabbs u take dont forget your tryin to make ayoung dog and give young ferrts some graft dont forget the next ferrter that comes along wil get theanswer well there is alad comes on but not very often and theyll be in like a shot
  7. when i go youd think i was fishin riva green fishin box in it goes net 12 shells or crushers flapper cartridges and side tray t put em in fishin holdall for gunn n hide poles put em on aliminium barrow hide in hedge while finished
  8. hi is this a single stroke pneumatic or a sidleaver springer cheers
  9. theres the word compete dog should be bred to work not compete its in them to hunt and retrieve why make em faster at it steady is the name of the game seen loads of these flyers burrn by diner never mind 3 days a week hunt retrieve obay nothing else needed
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