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  1. Anyone tried the USA made winchester 42 grain subsonic 22 lr ammo . Wouldnt have thought the extra 2 grains over the standard 40 grainers would make a worthwhile difference. ?
  2. Just finished plinking off a box of 42 grain winchester subsonic ammo . On first inspection rounds appeared to have different sized hollow points and lacked uniformity. Had half a dozen out of the 50 go supersonic and had to remove a spent case stuck in the chamber. Has the quality control with wnichester now being made in the us gone out the window or did I get a bad batch . Never had issues in days gone by with the australian manufactured stuff. Winchester always had a great reputation for knockdown power . Any experiences ?
  3. Anybody used one of these ,.Are they good value for money or just cheap rubbish. Opinions please
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