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  1. Tell them if she will not drop the harassment charge you want her charge for lying about the threat to kill as this is slander and wasting police time.
  2. You;ll get f****d if certain people see you killing birds like that. BAD vid it should be removed.
  3. Hi and welcome,hope you enjoy the forum
  4. Spenymoore and district,Hardwick hall and JC Marsh. All have trained people to give you lessons. Where in Cleveland do you live.
  5. Started mine at four months,she's ten month now and doing very well.Recall stop and fetch.
  6. Know what you mean about the lures,and you end up using the same ones over and over with lots in the packets unused.
  7. you just wanting the mounts ? HA HA :tongue2:
  8. only caller iv used is the mini colibri .do you have a link for the primos youtube
  9. Applied for variation to open my ticket,they did it in two days. Well done CLEVELAND POLICE :thumbs: :thumbs:
  10. yes is does exist,i know a few people who go. Apparantley it's not a good morning pond. I will be seeing them on Tuesday so i'll get the number for you.
  11. Do you know if you can keep wood?????
  12. zeroed mine in on Friday night with Winchesters. inch group at 100yds
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