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  1. Fancy a swap for a metal detecting setup ?
  2. they are free to a good home, pay the fuel and go try one you tight git lol. Could throw up a surprise or two. Atb dcha I am on call the next three weeks and can't be more than 40 min away from home,timing is not good at min and I would never have the face to take a dog for nowt anyway.
  3. I bet these will be great daytime on fox drives,wish you had been closer,keep us informed how they develop.
  4. a decent .177 standard 12ftlbs or fac .22 airgun
  5. Nearly new makro racer 2 with covers and headphones
  6. Your not after a swap for a nearly new metal detector are you ?
  7. How much does it cost for transfer/sending ?
  8. Any available in North East ? Only after one,prefer Jill already have double tier hutch locator and nets so all ready,pm me thanks.
  9. Dam first time on for ages and looking for one of these,how did you get on with it ? Where did you get a mount,regards Ali.
  10. You still got sirocco ? You coming Newcastle way anytime ? Does it come with scope.thanks.
  11. Had a kangoo 4x4,brilliant vehicle but mpg was crippling,got berlingo review van and it has been fantastic but next time will get the berlingo car or an estate so I can take rubbish to the tip without the hassle.
  12. 10mm lead works great for me,had one of those fishing moulds there ok but bought a proper milbro ammo mould,so much better,have 120 kg if anyone wants to buy some,have loads of lead ammo for sale pickup only though,northeast.
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