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  1. revij22

    Browning O/u

    No it does on my 525 but not this one
  2. Hello, I have a 28"browning with engraved game scene but haven, t a clue if gun is 325 or 425 any ideas on the difference s or how I will find out cheers
  3. revij22

    Fly Fishing Newbie

    Got nice grey, s northumbria rod , and reel tons of fly, s vest landing net everything you, ll ever need here 150 ono
  4. Ferret hutch wanted in good condition cleveland/co durham area thanks
  5. Have a hawke 6_24x50 with high mounts if your interested
  6. revij22

    Free Nets For Young Ferreter

    Nice offer for someone mate
  7. revij22

    Whisky Favs

    Bit of a jura man myself on offer at moment in sainsburys £21 bargain
  8. revij22

    Mole Dogs.

    I had a cocker that used to mark moles, but sadly she cashed in her chips on the 171 whitby road gutted
  9. revij22

    Pointer Dogs

    Try guns on pegs mate get all types of shooting on there and for all types of budgets
  10. revij22

    Army Camo Net

    Still for sale
  11. revij22

    Army Camo Net

    Army camo net as new 7m x7m £40 Pick up only teeside will email pic if you send me your address cheers
  12. revij22

    Perrybuoy Lifebuoys

    Perrybuoy life buoys for sale £15 each pick up only teeside
  13. revij22

    Coarse Fishing Dvd, S

    7 dvd, s unused free to collecter Teeside Thanks
  14. revij22

    New Member From North Yorkshire

    Welcome mate where you based
  15. revij22

    Ps3 Slimline

    how old is it mate