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  1. cheers for the replys lads! seperating them when not around, seems to be working. mainly when there is food or bones involved. but aye 'coonboy' the wee one is proper goin for it. puts up not bad fight anol. slapped them when most recent fight happened and been fine since. cheers again!!
  2. Hey, thought id ask and see if anyone had any solutions on this as im sure its happened to most of us... My 4year old patt bitch & my 4month old patt bitch keep fighting when im not around, whether it be kennels or in the house. this is a problem as i dont want the pup found dead one day, although she does give it back! any ideas welcome cheers REY
  3. use the search bar and have a read...
  4. picked up new pup last night... 8week old Patt.

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    2. Rey27


      aye agreed 'the duncan'! got the wee bitch just outside Glasgow 'GrCh'.

    3. darren247


      Congrats mate. Plenty of socialisin r it will turn out like my patt,a freak of nature,only goes to me,the missus and me little brother,nobody else :-)

    4. Rey27


      my older patt bitch is the same as that 'darren247'. a pain in the fu*kin arse but she's a good busher and ratter so swings and roundabouts :/ hopefully my new wee bitch will be better with people and dogs.

  5. Rey27


    great lookin wee pup
  6. looked like a good day nice pics
  7. great day, great pics! well done mate!
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