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  1. I dnt see how it’s starten sh1t. I ask cuz I aint no. Y’all sum retarted on dis page. Can’t even learn from y’all cuz y’all too busy bein dicks. Sumone tol me these hunt terriers were better den da patterdales. Data why I asked the question. But thnx 4 da part of your answer dat was helpful.
  2. Dugum

    Terrier problems

    Des guys don’t seem to to be open to helping anyone learn
  3. I jus learning about des terrier and I came across hunt terriers or jadg terrier. Are Dey as good as patterdales?
  4. Dugum

    Staffy Bull

    Dat a beautiful dog der
  5. Dugum

    Advice pup rejection

    Bottle feed and keep them near her and she will take em back