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  1. I don’t even no nun of the dogs pedigree. I jus know sum seem to work. N I no ace boony coony needs Sumone on his rear end so I do it.
  2. They paint us all wit the same brush
  3. Not on here too!! Ace BoonY coony you already punked out on 1of1 offer to pay first class flight to him and a first class flight back home after he kick your a$$ and When he said he would come to you you refused pay to fly him to you. Dan posted it for everyone to see— Sonny boy yous gotta stop while you got some dignity’s. Everyone can see your jealous. and your infatuation with Dan is outa this u making us Americans look so bad.
  4. Look good from dis view maybe ace boony coony will put his hands back on da pole n off da keyboard for a while. Little bugger don’t seem to be right about much anything ever. Bless his lil soul
  5. Ace boony coony is a jealous drama starting fur daddy. His dogs see no work unless u gonna count hunting for popcorn in the couch cushions. Sonny boy obviously got a mental issue cus he’s in love wit u and 1of1 kelvin or whatever u wana call him. They get rid of him n the threads gonna be 60% more bout huntin these here dogs. He make America look bad
  6. Those message of him threatening but scared to take a man up on a free flight
  7. Ace boony coony is such a poor soul
  9. Now he’s a pole dancing, jealous, peddling, fur daddy, tough guy ace boony coony is too much
  10. oooooooooooo my god sonny boy! ace boony coony the only man I know that keeps not one but two men’s di$ks in his mouth at all times
  11. he so jealous of u he can’t help himself “Jelly ace boony coony.” He mad he gottsta give puppies to the man he got his dogs from but he wants to tell us all he’s a “made man”forever in debt to another man aintcha ace boony coony?
  12. If I met with a male pole dancer in person people would think I’ma gay so I can’t do that
  13. I got me a cold one. Now I can give u my time sweetheart
  14. Got damn u in love wit those two men can’t be healthy for ya. You talk to ur lover tell him to sell me one for $1000 I wanna dog in this fight I cant get him to sell me nun but back to u ace boony coony u know giving dogs away is also peddling sonny boy? New to terriers not dogs. A peddler is anyone that sells or gives dogs away to people that don’t work them. WHO GAVE U DEM DOG TO SIT N ROT ON UR COUCH? can’t tell you if Kevin’s a peddler or not but he sho wouldn’t sell me a dog before hunting.
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