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  1. Couple of bitches that are heavily Jones blooded
  2. It’s a very good dog I’ve dug to him many times
  3. Ellis bred Patterdale View Advert 8 week old Ellis wheeler type dog pup for sale Advertiser patterdale88 Date 24/09/18 Price £250.00 Category Working Terriers  
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    8 week old Ellis wheeler type dog pup for sale


    , Suffolk - GB

  5. has married the best girl in the world

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. lunita


      awww how sweet :)..hope goes well for ya

    3. Kay


      thats so lovely .. well done on getting a good lass.xx

    4. theferreter


      next year more like two months lol only joking best of luck mate

  6. has married the best girl in the world

  7. answer ur phone all mouth on here

  8. gregg have upset rocky 1 cos he thinks im u

  9. were a rubber mate or ur cock will turn green lol
  10. i was there in 2006 the best 2 years of my life im now getting married 2 the girl i met there the bar was shit go down the rack and manger mate good pub the course is easy mate
  11. my mrs aint here and i cant work this camra out but i can txt a pic to you if u send me your number ive send over 20 pics out with no replys i will not send any more out unless u ring
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