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  1. Still after patterdale pup ?

  2. Patterdale Pup wanted - male smooth coat View Advert looking for a Patterdale pup male, smooth coated - please let me know if anyone has a litter due or know of any pups available I am in the Midlands but can travel Advertiser stealth Date 09/09/19 Price £350.00 Category Working Terriers  

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    looking for a Patterdale pup male, smooth coated - please let me know if anyone has a litter due or know of any pups available I am in the Midlands but can travel


  4. It sound like combination of both your symptons, maybe leaning more towards the fisrt though I may have been mislead when searching online for knee problems. but he definately does not apply full weigh to the injured leg and there is slight muscle waste and often the foot is cold from the lack of circulation. I have read online about owner getting the op done, then the other leg going or the same one going again and again. his insurance wont cover it but i would love to see him back at his peak and am torn between the pros and cons. thanks for all the advice guys.
  5. Taught my patterdale by putting a piece of chicking in my hand (or something you know they love), closing it in a fist in front of his nose and repeating the command, if the dog wants it enough it will go through every trick it knows to get the grub, as soon as her arse touches the deck instantly open your hand then make a big fuss, then just repeat until she gets it first time!
  6. Hi my 2 year old patterdale damaged his leg about 4-5 months ago running in the garden, the vet did all the usual checks and told me he has damaged his cruciate ligament and his knee will keep dislocating but he should be able to have a normal life with it. I cant help but think i should fix it though, he limps on it most days and occasionally limps on his walks, he was always running round (hence how he did it in the first place), but since then he hardly ever just sprints off anymore. Has anyone else had any experience with this problem, apparently it is quite common with small dogs? has anyones dog actually had the surgery and would you recommmend it? any help will be much appriciated. Thanks.
  7. what fruit can you practice on????
  8. Yeah thats a fair point! I was thinking a little close to home as my dog is a pet, these tw@ts are effecting peoples buisnesses too!
  9. I dont understand ppl stealing dogs to sell! you can get a good patterdale from working stock for around £150 surely a stollen dog would be worth less than this, so why would anyone bother? Think if a stranger tried to pick my patt up and I wasn't there the little fecker would take is hand off! surely the risk alone aint worth 100squid!
  10. My Patterdale seems to have a lot of sleep in his eyes lately, he wakes up with a fair amoun in his eyes which i wipe off in the mornings, then by luch time he has more... he has started following us out in to the garage when we smoke so not sure if thats whats causing this or if he has a slight infection? any recommendations on whats best? is there some ointment i can bath his eyes with? thanks
  11. I started having this problem with my pat, so I took him to a police dog trainer. I have started recalling him with a tug rope in my hand and when he comes back shake the sh1t out of it with him, the idea being that this is what he would do if he ever caught a rabbit and if he can get this from you he has a higher success rate coming back to his master for it! it is working slowly but surely so maybe worth a go! good luck
  12. LATEST UPDATE: TRAINING IS WORKING! Ok went to see a Dog Trainer who works for Armed Forces training guard dogs and sniffer dogs etc... We had him outdoors for over an hour and the little fecker was perfect, made me look like I had made it all up! He had me calling him from various distances and he would occasionally distract the dog to see if he would still come back to me, which he did most of the time. Instead of treating him with snacks for recall he had me use a tug rope and when he came back I gave him loads of fuss and some rough play with the rope, the idea being if he see's a rabbit or squirrel etc and wants to go chase it the end result would be the same, in that he would end up shaking the shit out of the little critter if he successfully caught one, the only difference being that he has a higher success rate of getting this by coming to me for it, and he should soon start associating coming back as fun. keeping him on a long lead when out though for the time being until im 100% confident he will come back everytime. Still looking for somewhere we can go ratting also, as heard that this as the same effect for control and bond with the dog.
  13. thinking of getting a couple of feeding rats from local pet shop, obviously not for him to feed on but to chase down and get an idea of what to do? I have also seen another post with someone recommending a crisp packet with peanut butter inside to attract rats! just dont want to infest my garden, saying that at least it would keep the little fecker busy!!
  14. yeah i have a brook and and hugh pond behind me, just dont see to many rats! the mutt isn't trained well enough to sniff em out yet either, he is still just chasing anything that moves!
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