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  1. no offence but piss off will you if you ain't got nothing good or any advice you can give me then do one I didn't plan on the dog I toke it of the hand of someone didn't want her I've been hunting with friends and LOVED it we all started somewhere I just asked for some help and advice if that insulted you then piss of as I don't give to shits what you say yea I remember you 'tranny' guy
  2. Ok thanks guys last thing I want is her to get injured I'll build up to the bike then I'll walk and jog with her for a couple miles a day and go from there much appreciated on all the advice thanks guy
  3. I've sorted my bike for tomorrow and let the fitness begin I've read she should be doing about 3-4 miles a day is that right or not?
  4. Plenty of escapees in the surrounding areas.. yea I know that but f**k man you can get lost up there aswell especially me no sense of direction at all
  5. I wouldn't go up there as I know one of the guys up there and he don't take to kindly to poachers at all he said to me when I was up there he shot 5 dogs for chasing the deer
  6. I ain't going to get rid of her at all! She mine till she dies it's as simple as that, I have two jacks but ain't allowed to work them the miniature jack is very keen but she's the misses and my jack there's just no interest at all I've tried him plus he's turned to the misses dog now lol. I've always wanted to own and work a lurcher but weren't allowed to have one and now I've got one I want to work her all I'm asking is for some help to get me started and I think I will be doing what green dragon said to do I'm gonna invest in a lamp and go from there she's good on recall and that as I did s
  7. ill watch them now Francie and thanks guys much appreciated
  8. I was given her at about 7-8 months as the owner didn't want her so I took her of his hands. Where I am there's nothing around all my friends that do it live down Carmarthen or England I've been out and get the jiff of it but not sure about how to go about training and that I'm only asking for some help
  9. Where you from ? I'm not far from Swansea train station about 10 min walk
  10. I should be getting a lamp soon and there ain't anything around by me bud otherwise I would that's why I'm asking for a little help to get me started and I'm not the type of person that's shit on the people who help me I'd end up be good friends
  11. Hi I have a collie bull grey and I want to start working her she's 11 months and 21-22 tts she ain't seen anything I was wondering if anybody could show me the ropes to start her working the problem is I don't drive so getting to places is hard thanks in advance
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