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  1. So let's get this right Stig; just because it's a rat the law doesn't apply, and it doesn't matter? Yeah, that's right; I'm an anti/copper/grass whatever...... the usual THL crap. Someone doesn't agree with the majority and are labelled straight away because it's the easiest insult at the time..... As for Rolfe suggesting the I am putting people off posting; what a load of crap. Why did JohnB, JohnGalway, DitchShitter and all the other decent members leave or stop posting? I'd suggest it was more to do with the 'look at my big dick' type posts that seem to be so prevelant these da
  2. Whatever........................
  3. Is this a new forum rule then? Constructive posts only? Or should that be, 'posts deemed constructive in the opinion of Rolfe'? As for the comment about the terrier, I'm well aware of how effective they are, but allowing a terrier to kill a rat that is held in a trap is NOT legal. You, as a professional, and a moderator should know that. People may not like my opinion, but surely I have the right to express it. Wouldn't it be a boring world if we all agreed all of the time.
  4. If you bother to look properly Rolfe, you will see plenty of constructive posts from me As for the picture; we all know it happens occasionally, but the point I was trying to make was that I'm not sure how wise it is to advertise the fact with a picture. How desperate do you need to be for kudos to want to post a picture like that? Oh, and to admit that a dog was used to 'finish it off' is also not the most sensible thing to post. Now you may not agree with my opinion, but this is a public forum, which anyone can view at any time (you don't even need to register to view the forum)
  5. Agreed. I can't understand why this hasn't been pinned?
  6. Beer & Lager £3.30 a pint. Guiness & Amstel £3.70 a pint. All going up by 5p very soon (thanks George!). Used to sell Peroni, no money in it even at £4 a pint.
  7. all except me I'm not allowed.... Do ye think it's because I didn't say how wonderful dear ole Logun is?
  8. Leave him alone. He is the Messiah.........
  9. I'm not sure about the wisdom of showing a picture of a rat caught by the back leg in a trap?
  10. the 3 rabbits caught in the BGS,the traps where all set with wire tunnels over them which i removed to take the pics
  11. Whatever happened to 'vauxhall leaf green paint' ? The green of those traps is very bright
  12. I dinnae hue the feck I am and it is nee vunny...... Signed Mr Rake Aboot........ :laugh:
  13. NO! I'm markbrick! Now, the real question is: Who is Sparticus? And who fecking cares?
  14. I'm not allowed. I think Logun is just scared of what I might post........
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