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  1. I was at work until 5.30 am and up at 7 after a 24hr shift. I will give you a txt through the week come and shift some rabbits next weekend the freezer is nearly empty!
  2. Horses for courses, it's whatever people need to do the job if your taking the odd bite back then a bit of bull has to make all the difference. If just on the soft and fast stuff personally I wouldn't have any bull. If it's ferreting or mainly rabbits again if look for a smaller type of dog. If your out 3/5 times a week on bigger bite back stuff and everything down the chain and around holes a bit of bull goes a long long way. Ive often been asked by family friends, walkers etc what kind of dog she is, I. Reply it's always just a lurcher. Breeding 3/4 grey 1/4 bull Airedale but she's a lurcher that does the job I want. As I said at the start horses for courses.
  3. I'm slap bang in the middle of the North East and West bit of an inbred some would say, ive heard about all them groups, full of peddlers, scummy little jobless retards who thieve dogs. Breed shit to shit. I wouldn't let it bother you, Ive met up with a fair few lads from the North East over the years off here. Decent lads that we regularly go out with. Either terrier work, lurchers, hounds and guns. Can't tar everyone with the same brush. There's just a minority of thugs about that need a good bat if I'm honest.
  4. The white bitch looks the spitting double of my bitch for a second I though it was her. She's Bull Airedale Grey. Looks like a canny day. Well done man and dogs.
  5. In theory you can see why people don't like to use collars in rocky places, more chance of the dog getting snagged up, hanging etc the list goes on. I've seen it done and each to there own. I couldn't shoot anyone down that refuses to collar a dog up when entering rocky places. If you did ever lose a dog with no collar you would likely ask yourself over and over if only I'd put the collar on would things be different. But at the same time if you do a rescue dig on a dead dog snagged up by the collar or hung you'd say the same thing. Some places looks are deceiving there's places you d here look like nice easy dig earth, They're far from it each and every hole in there is shafts. It's a risky business it's a chance we take no matter what earth we enter the Warriors.
  6. if I had to sell my dog because I was sick I'd be even sicker! Makes no sense unless your gonna die! then if that's the case fair enough cost of funerals etc atb AT Ripstop is full of shit, a mate of mind off here had it all organised to pick dog up and it's excuse after excuse. He's in hospital, then his mate can meet him. Then 3 different names and his voicemail was another different name. That blokes a peddler. Not wanting to meet people face to face and he had traveled all the way there was speaking to that ripstop saying he was 10 mins away and then he turned his phone off and the postcode took him to some shops. Good luck with the sale sound like a canny dog
  7. Rock holes have been very productive over the years up here DnN remember that day in the quarry. Brock was in there 48 hours. 60% of the holes round here are rock. Over the years they've probably been some of the most productive holes ive worked.
  8. How olds this litter Sam? How's the dog coming on?
  9. the Young bitch will turn out really good mate, she done a grand job today. Never missed a beat. Dog to her every other day if she carrys on like that. Brock is a blinder that dog hasn't failed. How game he is with what little tools he has left is emmense most would of hoyed the towel in but he just keeps on proving us wrong. He might have a few years in him yet and bring his daughter on.
  10. Out today with a few lads off here Jamie2004live and Simpson10 on a new bit of permission. Keeper hasn't been there long but has problems with Charlie. Met the keepers and off we went, first spot there was pads in and out and obviously being well used. Brock marked a charlie home so we entered the black dog Scrag, the keeper were watching the holes in the bank with the shotguns and we netted the top side up. Wasn't long before the dog was mixing well. Let her settle at 1.5 we started to open up and it was hard going, a shit went off keepers shot a vixen bolting from the bank but dog was still on broke through and dispatched a dog fox. We tried a few more spots which were well run but nothing home. Next place was a big spot. Brock marked Charlie home, found a few nice spots for the guns to sit and netted up, this time we let the old fella in. Wasn't long before he was up close to his quarry. Let him settle for 15 mins or so and dug to a nice dog fox at 1.9 semi retired old boy still keeps pleasing. Couple of pics but with it being a new spot I didnt want to be seen spending much time with camera and kept it professional. There was more to go at but the light wasn't on our side so we have kept it for another day. Good day was had by all. Keepers overwhelmed. Deserved pint on the way home after trecking a good 10 mile today. Pics of quarry and dig were taken but my first post hasn't gone through so removed a few myself.
  11. Been a few years since posting on here as was to many idiots. It will be him pal.
  12. Not quite retired mate, he healed up alright. Will see you nice and sharp tomorrow morning.
  13. Perfect conditions, blizzards here. We had same problem. First place we seen Charlie in blizzard mousing on back on wood. Drove another mile going to try the most productive earth we do in years and Yep dog and vixen in blizzard conditions playing about in the snow chasing eachother. Tried pushing them in with no luck and every other place wasn't holding. Typical. Shame you missed that one pal it happens to us all keep at em.
  14. Was going to run her in today, but thankfully she's recovered. Swelling and bruising all gone, bouncing around wanting to go out rest her up for another week or so to be sure. No longer drinking water like its the last she will ever get. Weird things do happen. Thanks for the advice appreciate it.
  15. Terriers all day soaking, time for a flash!

  16. It's funny you say that mate, been out with terrier today and my mate popped in afterward to see the bitch. She was bouncing around wanting to go but her legs still a bit swollen. Bruising has just about cleared now but the muscle is slightly sagging on her top side. And her ankle is holding a bit swelling. Like I say eating fine and herself in everyway. But since Monday she's just gone water crazy. I don't know if it's because she's coming out of season, her leg, maybe a water infection due to being in season. She's gone a little easier on water today than the last few days so hopefully it will be sorted. Obviously if it doesn't I will take a trip to the vets just to clear it over. I've never had it happen before so I don't have an expalnation to why this would happen. Atm I think she's making progress. Keep a close eye on her and pop her in next week if the water issue continues.
  17. She's bouncing about wanting to go out, having water like no tomorrow, it's like a bucket with a hole in and just keeps topping up. She going in Monday if she continues.
  18. Wind, Rain, Sleet, Snow, early bird gets the worm. Truck loaded, let's see if Charlies home.

  19. Aye nothing quite adds up, I can't get my head around it, and second guessing myself. So I thought I'd get a bit feedback. I know a good vet looks at all the working dogs. Cheers.
  20. She's took a knock that I've never seen when lamping in guessing, how I've not seen it beats me though. There was a lump and the deep bruising on the top of her hamstring. Where she's either knocked or torn something which has swollen her whole leg up. this is all slowly dieing off. She only started drinking a lot on Monday and she's continued all week. She's 8 now, she's herself in everyway. I just can't get round the water, I was thinking it was from her injury, then I was thinking it's because she's just out of season. But I'm just second guessing myself now.
  21. Had the old bitch out last weekend, decent night. Sunday she was limping and back leg swollen. Closer look and deep bruising all over her hamstring onto chest. Rested her all week brusing gone down and swelling slowly going also. She's eating alright and bouncing about being herself, problem being she's drinking a hell of a lot of water and I'm talking 3-4 bowls a day? She has just came out of season also, never had this sort of problem! Any thoughts or advice or I think it's a trip to the vet. Thanks in advance.
  22. As a young lad we used to walk the fields local to us, no permission :/ but we were keen. Going out at 11pm doing and 8-10 mile walk on the same route over 8-9 years getting good numbers of all quarry, sometimes we wouldn't get in until early hours but these are the things we had to do. Number got thin around the doors, sometime lucky to bag 3-4 and we were still happy. Years on we started stacking up plenty permission, some fields have anywhere between 50-150 bunnies in, you shine the fell and see them in there 100s. Feels good having permission and not always looking over your shoulder. I don't really do numbers anymore, lurchers getting on and work commitments limit the time I can put in so wouldn't be fair bringing a new dog on yet.most weekends are spent with the terriers. The only time I count is when it's me and the dog vs the guns. Needless to say I always win. We keep the numbers down and still keep the sport for years to come. Some cracking photos Tomo fair play dogs are credit to you.
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