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  1. Havnt been on in a while , lost the black dog 3-4 weeks ago , he pushed to tight , a sad loss but onwards and upwards!!
  2. The season has certainly started for me , young black and tan dog is doing well and the black dogs still up to his tricks lets see what this season holds for us all!
  3. Cheers lads hope they make th grade like the Blackun (y)
  4. Yeah a lot of people say that but looks aren't what counts when push comes to shove , hope they both make the grade could do with all 3 working well
  5. Cheers all their nice pups and j yes we will have fun bringing them on! Gotta get out again ASAP been bolting a fair few!!
  6. Was very lucky won't slip up like that again , terriers done me proud so far and at the huge fee of £60 that I payed for him I'm made up with his performance so far ATB (and I think £60 was a steal for this dog!)
  7. Had a bad weekend this week , took the dogs for a stroll my patt was off the lead and not collared up as I didn't think their were any earths near by , so i was unaware that he had dropped into a spot. Spent the next 10-11 hours looking for him thought he had just got a bit carried away and done a runner , was out till late on the lamp with my lurcher bitch looking for him , Charlie accounted for while searching , this morning got up early and went back to where I lost him wasn't gonna give up till I got him back! , went to where I last saw him , took the spaniel lurcher cross with me in hope of her following the scent to him , she led me to a small earth under a small tree , layed down and had a listen and sure enough could hear grunting , called for reinforcements and within ten mins of them arriving we brick through ontop of the dog , worked out he'd been down around 27 hours , pulled him away , fox dispatched and went and cleaned him up and gave him a big dinner , lesson learnt he won't be going anywhere without the locator collar on
  8. Cheers lads I'm gonna give it a few weeks then pop back their and have another go
  9. Yeah their has been I've put some real monsters out of cover recently aswell
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