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  1. Well...in future use better gum glue then you,ll neither lose them nor break them!!!
  2. i have always worn rubber work gloves for my trapping , it saves your hands from getting cold ,dry and cracked If your really into mole trapping then you should deffo get moley,s vid on the subject...if for nothing else other than to see him sat at the table with "those" gloves on
  3. mapreader

    A question

    The reason that "back-pegging" isn,t the best method for night time work is quite simply the distance you have to cover when setting multiple nets....Let,s say, for instance, that you intend to set three fifty yard nets, a hundred and fifty yards in total. In goes the first pin and you walk fifty yards...you then walk back the same fifty yards pegging up...you then have to walk the same fifty yards again to get back to the end of the net to start on your next net. so you,ve trooped up and down the same FIFTY yards covering ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY yards. Times that by three nets and bingo 450 yar
  4. Mole-catcher...excellent advice...in fact DOUBLE EXCELLENT advice on the importance of the belly of the net....in fact...if my memory serves me correctly....and rest assured...it normally does...isn,t that the exact same point that I made to you many months ago in one of our numerous hour long telephone calls, when you told me you were going to make a very shallow net and I explained that in my very humble opinion you need both running kill and height kill to make the net as effective as possible....interesting...very interesting....It,s nice to know that at least someone listens to me....
  5. Well done richie...cow.s and gates..sounds like my kinda luck going on there...mindst you I,ve been known to rattle the odd gate when in full stealth mode!!!!
  6. Another thoro-bred...as per usual Netrigger. I can see your thinking with those corks...don,t tell me ..white for the top and brown for the bottom :11:
  7. Well Done Netrigger, nice note to end on. I shall have another "Toddle or three" weather willing... PS... How,s the head??? Regards Mapreader
  8. From what I can see it may not have been taken in the spirit it was intended. And I apologise, it was 4 posts deleted not 3. You're a veteran member of the forum, Moley. You're well respected and dare I say you may intimidate people to a degree where they aren't comfortable approaching the problem with you. With all the grief that's effected other forums, here, it's totally understandable that people don't want to stick there necks out. Those that don't mind sticking their necks out are called moderators! i don,t think i,m intimidating at all , i am very approachable ( honest) , i sp
  9. Hi JT....it doesn,t sound like you,re slipping knots to me but rather you,re suffering from a case of "exageration" Which is something of a beginners curse. I suspect that you may still be working the rows of net from your original starting string...in other words you,re standing 6 yards back from whatever the net is secured against. I would rcommend that you thread another line five or six rows up from the last row of meshes and carry on only working a yard or so from that line at a time. This should help in ninety six different ways... but I can only think of three at the mo!!!... !] It sho
  10. Excellent result.....you should have stayed another couple of hours LOL! Good to see you gave the baskets a go and hope your mate becomes a regular...feeling sorry for those rabbits up there already!!! Regards Mapreader
  11. No problemmo mate...just mulling over whether to show my wife this last post........your lucky she was in a good mood that night .....I know one thing...she,ll be able to set a mink snare...punch in a pocket set and generally trap all manner of furbearers in another couple of days "viewing"....when,s the next batch coming!!!!!
  12. Posting pics for and on behalf of Moley...take it away Moley.
  13. Is this "THE" final soak...or the one before "THE FINAL" soak...one last cast syndrome I think they call it! Anyway well done....again LOL. Did you....err...how can I put this.....manage to avoid catching crabs this time Regards Mapreader
  14. Hi all...the reason that Wyman is critical of knotting the running lines to the end pins is because the runners should initially be just the one line...spliced together in one place. Obviously as the net gets used and rabbits bite through the bottom line, then additional joins will be made. There-in lies the reason for not tie-ing to your end pins...each join takes up a short length of line, which, with a free running line through the pins becomes self adjusting, with both lines being the same length...but with the knotted to pins method you have to add additional pieces of line to make up the
  15. Hi Magwitch....only found this forum a few days ago . you asked if anyone traps eels. Up until only a few years ago I fished for eels full time for many years from April through to the Autumn floods and migrating silver eels. Tried elver fishing with a mate one season as they were making absolute fortunes...we had no-one to help so it was a case of "suck it and see" ...well we caught a few kilo and the day that they were due to be collected several of the slimey little bas***ds chose to somehow get throught he pump filter and commit hari kiri in said pump and then proceed with... gay abandon
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